'The Voice': John Legend Finds His Doppelganger in Impressive Singer Talakai

Talakai impressed the coaches with more than just his vocals!

Talakai impressed the coaches on The Voice with more than just his vocal talents!

The 34-year-old singer took the stage during Monday's Blind Auditions with a heartfelt rendition of Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" that earned chair turns from John Legend and Reba McEntire. But their jaws dropped when they turned their chairs, due to his resemblance to one of their own.

"Wait until you see his face," John told Gwen Stefani and Niall Horan as their chairs turned. "I'm looking at myself! Like, a taller, more handsome version of myself."

"What's up, twin!" Talakai joked.

The resemblance was remarkable, and John's mind was considerably blown. "We even have the same barber!"

Unsurprisingly, the resemblance is something Talakai's been hearing about for a while. "Every day at work, I get it. In school, they used to sing 'Ordinary People' down the hallway all the time," he shared.

Reba was pretty sure she didn't stand a chance in landing the singer, but said she didn't blame him. "I absolutely love your voice, your range... I'm already a huge fan," she raved.

Ultimately, the "family" resemblance won out and Talakai chose to join Team Legend! The pair even snapped a twinning selfie as he left the stage.

When ET spoke with the coaches ahead of the season premiere, Reba said that Gwen, Niall and John have welcomed her to the show "warmly, like a sister." However, she noted that the friendly vibes go away when it's time to get down to business.

"They've helped me, they've guided me and taught me, and then after I learned up to that point, then they say, 'You're on your own,'" she recalled.

"We still want to beat her," John agreed with a laugh. 

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. PT/ET on NBC.