'The Voice' Sneak Peek: Watch Ariana Grande's First Chair Turn of Season 21! (Exclusive)

Registered nurse Vaughn Mugol wows the coaches in 'The Voice's season 21 premiere, which airs Monday, Sept. 20.

Ariana Grande might be the newest coach on The Voice -- but she's more than ready to land the best season 21 singers on her team!

In ET's exclusive sneak peek at the first blind audition from Monday's season premiere, registered nurse Vaughn Mugol wows the coaches with his soulful rendition of Ed Sheeran's "The A Team," earning chair turns from Ariana, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend

The coaches are shocked to learn that Vaughn isn't a polished performer. "This is actually all new to me," he shares. "I usually just sing to my patients."

Ariana makes her pitch first, when she hears that the Beaumont, Texas, native is interested in "R&B, soul, a little bit of pop."

"That sounds like a lot of the things that I like to listen to and sing," she hints. "We could be a good team here, just saying!"

However, Ariana's fellow coaches are ready to put up a fight.

"I feel like we have a lot in common," John notes. "Musically, I feel like I would wear this outfit--"

"Oh yeah? Well, so would I!" Ariana chimes in.

Kelly and John scrap over who turned their chair first, while defending season 20 champ Blake Shelton says he's not willing to make a case for any of them to land Vaughn. But Ariana gets the last word -- making her ultimate pitch to the hopeful singer. 

"I know that I'm new here, and you guys don't know me as a coach yet," she says. "But I want to guide you in this competition. I want to help you sing the right songs. I wanna answer any questions that you have...and help you get to where you wanna go as an artist."

Check out the full audition above and tune in to the season 21 premiere on Monday, Sept. 20 to see who Vaughn picks!

This season marks Blake, John and Kelly's sixth season of The Voice together, while the fourth coach’s chair has rotated in recent seasons between Nick Jonas and Gwen Stefani. Ahead of season 19 last year, Kelly told ET how much she enjoys coaching alongside another female performer.

“I love having another female [on the panel],” she shared. “I’ve done it with all the guys, and it’s cool…but I like having the female energy to kind of bounce off of. I’m a girls’ girl. I have a lot of girlfriends, so I’m welcoming of that.”

The Voice season 21 premieres Monday, Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. PT/ET on NBC. See more from the upcoming season in the video below.