'The Woman in the Window' Trailer: Recluse Amy Adams Searches for the Truth About Julianne Moore's Murder

The first look at the film adaptation of the 2017 bestseller is filled with suspense and an all-star cast.

How well can we really know our neighbors? Amy Adams is Anna Fox, an agoraphobic woman suffering from past traumas who becomes obsessed with the family who lives across from her in the new thriller, The Woman in the Window

In the trailer for the film adaptation of the bestselling 2017 novel by A.J. Finn, Anna befriends Jane Russell (Julianne Moore). The pair hit it off, drinking wine and laughing. But later Anna sees Jane brutally murdered in her house. 

When she calls the police, Jane's husband, Alistair Russell (Gary Oldman) claims she's never met his wife and another woman, perfectly cast as Jennifer Jason Leigh, claims that she is Jane Russell. 

So begins Anna's descent into madness and hysteria as she tries to uncover the secret of the woman she met and the family who lives across from her. The wild-eyed Adams is perfect for the role of the reclusive former child psychologist, as she searches for answers while trying to save herself from the same fate as Jane. 

The film also stars Anthony Mackie as Anna's husband, Ed Fox, Brian Tyree Henry as the kind Detective Little, and Eighth Grade star Fred Hechinger as Ethan Russell. 

20th Century Fox

The Woman in the Window hits theaters May 15, 2020.