'This Is Us' Season 3 Premiere Ends With a Major Twist That Has Kate's Future in the Air

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Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you haven't watched Tuesday's season three premiere of This Is Us.

This Is Us did it again, left fans wondering what the heck is happening!

Tuesday's season three premiere was filled with many interesting moments, from seeing Jack and Rebecca's awkward first date to Randall asking Déjà if they could adopt her, to Beth confronting Kevin about dating her cousin, Zoe.

It's the triplets' 38th birthday, and each one of them has something to confront and face that day. But it was Kate and Toby's storyline that added a new layer to the story.

Toby and Kate take fertility tests and begin to plan starting IVF. Unfortunately, the doctor tells them that because of Kate's weight, the probability of her becoming a mother are slim and that she won't be taking on her case.

At her birthday brunch, Kate breaks down when talking about how all she wants is a baby. When Toby introduces the idea that there are other ways that they can have children, Kate gets a surprise call from the doctor, who is now willing to take a chance on them.

The present Toby and Kate seem to be on a good path. But then we flash forward and we see an older Randall with his daughter Tess, both looking somber and going to see somebody. Randall picks up his phone and calls Toby, who looks miserable as he lies in a bed all by himself. When Randall tells Toby to come downstairs, Toby says it's not a good idea. Could something have happened to Kate?

During the This Is Us Q&A in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, creator Dan Fogelman teased that "the plan is that in the course of the season you’re going to get answers" to the surprising Toby and Randall scene.

Meanwhile, as the questions start piling up, we flash back to Jack going to deliver flowers to Rebecca. Right when he pulls up, another man has shown up to her house with a stunning bouquet. Who could this mystery man be?


Nearly three months ago, Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz shared teases for what awaits the Pearson family in the new season, posting photos of their reactions to the script of the drama's premiere episode, titled "Nine Bucks," which is written by co-showrunners Dan Fogelman, Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, and directed by Ken Olin.

"Reading the first episode of #ThisIsUs season 3... is NOT for the faint of heart," Moore wrote on her Instagram story in June looking emotionally drained and with red, puffy eyes. 

"Just read our season 3 premiere episode on the flight home... The flight attendant asked if I was okay... still not sure," Metz wrote, alongside a GIF of a kid looking distraught and the word "Feelings." 

Back in May, Moore hinted to ET that parts of the This Is Us series finale may have already been filmed, even though there has been no indication as to when the show will end. “I don’t know!” Moore teased. “Maybe parts of the ending have been shot." She assured fans that the series finale is still “a ways off,” adding that the cast knows “there’s a finite amount of time that the show will exist.” 

She revealed at the time that she and her castmates were already itching to kick-start season three.

“We were just standing back in the green room, and Dan started telling Chrissy and Sully [Chris Sullivan] and Milo [Ventimiglia] and I a little detail about season three and we are all like, ‘What?!’” she said at the time. “We want to know everything too, and we are so excited, but the sit-down, sort of walking through what happens throughout the course of this season, probably won’t happen until a couple of weeks from now when we are closer to shooting.”

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


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