Tiffany Haddish Talks 'Afterparty,' Possibly Hosting Oscars and Looking for a Boyfriend (Exclusive)

The comedian tells ET she's taking applications for her next boyfriend.

Tiffany Haddish is addressing the possibility of hosting this year's Oscars. ET's Nischelle Turner spoke with the 42-year-old comedian about her new Apple TV+ show, The Afterparty, and she said she definitely isn't opposed to hosting the star-studded awards show.

Earlier this week, the Academy announced that this year's ceremony set for March 27 will have a host, unlike the previous three years. Haddish told ET that she was game when it comes to taking on the big gig.

"You know, I wouldn't turn it down, but you know, I am booked and busy, but when it's the Oscars," she says. 
"Oh, I'm available in April," she adds.

Haddish's career is clearly thriving and when it comes to her personal life, she joked that she's taking applications for her next boyfriend. Haddish split from Common in November after a year of dating.

"Yeah, so, I've been working on a Word document, building an application, I'm going to drop that next week," she cracks. "I'm going to drop applications next week and I'm going to hold my interviews, I'm gonna go through the applications, right? Then I'm gonna hold interviews on Instagram Live."

"'Cause if you gonna be in these streets with you, me, you're gonna have to be willing in the eye of the public," she continues. "So, I'm gonna go live, I'm gonna interview them in front of everybody, you know, let their girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, whatever, say what they gonna say. ... No room for lies. And then, you know, then maybe we'll do a second interview. You know, my brother, Deon, called, he said he would help me do the second interview. We'll do it on Friday Night Vibes and then I'll go on a date."

On a more serious note, it's already been a tough year for Haddish, who's experienced devastating losses. In addition to her dog of 13 years dying, she lost a close mentor, as well as another mentor and good friend, Bob Saget. But she pointed out that there is a silver lining.

"Well, my personal life, OK, my sexual personal life is not in shambles," she said. "Now my personal life is in shambles, this year, you know, people are like, 'Happy New Year.' I'm like, no, neutral new year. I'm gonna be neutral in the year."

"I'm very emotional," she said about the losses she's experienced. "I've been crying a lot 'cause it's -- that's my heart. My dog was my heart, and the other people who passed, you know, those, they were my rocks, you know, they had my back. I mean, they taught me a lot, so I lost the physical, I'm sure I got them in the spiritual."

Meanwhile, The Afterparty premieres on Apple TV+ on Jan. 28. The murder-mystery comedy takes place at a high school reunion afterparty with each episode focusing on a different character's perspective of what happened that night. When asked who the biggest partier in the cast is, she said it was Ike Barinholtz.

"Ike can go way longer than me," she shared. "I thought I was a partier until I partied with Ike and I fell asleep at the party and when I woke up, he was still partying."

As for who made her laugh the most, she said it was British comedian Jamie Demetriou.

"First, I didn't even know who he was because I had never really seen him before," she admitted. "I know he's big time in Europe, but I had never really seen him before and then like, having a conversation with him I was like, 'He's a little awkward, or am I being awkward?' And then when he played his character, I would bust up laughing and I could not ... my character has to eat in one of the scenes and I'm eating or whatever and he said something so funny one time. When I tell you, it was against our COVID regulations because that food flew out of my mouth 'cause he's just, he's just very ... that man is awesome, really amazing."