TikToker Shows SKIMS Bikini Cups Are Smaller Than a Tortilla Chip

The TikTok user compared the SKIMS Fits Everybody micro triangle bralette and micro thong to three tortilla chips.

Guac costs extra. Kim Kardashian is certainly saving on fabric costs with her SKIMS Fits Everybody micro triangle bralette and thong bikini set. A new TikTok from user @bbysarita has gone viral after the user laid the two-piece set from Kardashian's shapewear brand out with tortilla chips over the bra cups and crotch cover, showing that the chips were larger. 

"So if you've been eyeing the SKIMS micro bikini and wondering about the size, these are tortilla chips for scale," @bbysarita says, showing the shocking comparison. 

In another video, she tried on the swimsuit over top of shorts and shirt, showing that the majority of the bottoms were simply string. She said that she'd probably wear the top to a "private pool and not a beach" and would only wear the bottoms in her backyard for minimal tan lines. 

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The bottoms retail for $14 on the SKIMS site and the top is sold out, but retails for $28

@bbysarita also noted that she originally purchased the swimsuit because it appeared to cover more area on a larger model, but said, "I think as the sizes went down it got exponentially smaller."