Tina Knowles Tells ‘Corny Joke’ With Beyonce and Blue Ivy Before Having a Dance-Off to ‘Apes**t’

Tina Knowles
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The famous grandmother says Blue beat her in the dance competition.

Looks like Beyonce got it from her mama!

Tina Knowles had some fun while vacationing in the South of France with her pop diva daughter and her granddaughter, Blue Ivy Carter, on Tuesday. The 64-year-old fashion designer took to Instagram to share a few funny videos with a little help from her famous family.

“My straight men are Blue and Beyonce,” she captioned a video of herself telling one of her “corny jokes.”

In the clip, Knowles says, “Knock, knock,” which prompts a chorus of “Who’s there?” from Beyonce and Blue in the background.

“Obama,” Knowles says, as we hear Beyonce’s voice asking, “Obama who?”

“O-ba-myselffff,” Knowles sings, adding, “This is by Beyonce. She gave me this joke.”

“Oh no, god!” Beyonce says off-camera.

Knowles also took a moment to bust a move to her daughter and son-in-law JAY-Z’s new song, “APES**T.”

“This is my dance off with Blue!! She beat me of course!” Knowles captioned the clip. “We had to make up an original dance move. My awkward shoulder move was my made up dance. I know it’s wrong but my competition is only 6. She killed it though!!! #aboutthatcaftanlife.”

Sadly, the video of Blue from the dance-off was not shown.

The Carters are currently in the middle of their On the Run II tour in Europe, but had a brief break after performing several shows in Italy. Bey and Jay are next set to take the stage in Barcelona, Spain, on Wednesday.

To see how Beyonce handled one on-stage mishap in Poland, watch the clip below: