'Too Hot to Handle' Cast Teases What to Expect From the No-Sex Dating Series (Exclusive)

All eight episodes of the new dating series drop Friday, April 17 on Netflix.

Believe us when we say Too Hot to Handle is about to be your next quarantine binge obsession!

The new Netflix series, premiering Friday, highlights a group of gorgeous sexy men and women, who fly to Mexico for what they think will be the most erotic summer of their lives. They quickly find out however -- from a talking, cone-shaped robot named Lana (we can't make this stuff up!) -- that they can't engage in sexual activity of any kind. If they do, they'll lose money from the grand prize of $100,000.

ET exclusively spoke with some of the cast members via Zoom this month, who teased what fans can expect from the sure-to-be epic dating show, and how Lana's no-sex retreat really worked.

"I thought it was going to be just like a dating show. You get to go there, there's, like, fit guys, hot girls, you get put in these different challenges together, and you hook up," Chloe Veitch, a 22-year-old brunette from Essex, U.K., shared. "When I heard that we were not allowed to kiss, a part of me was glad because I don't want my nan or my mom to see me do rumpy bumpy on the TV. It was very exciting, but it was a bit of a bummer at the same time."

Francesca, a confident 26-year-old model from British Columbia, Canada, shared similar sentiments, telling ET she "had no idea" what she was getting herself into when she signed up for the show.

"It could have been a show like Survivor, it could have been a show like The Bachelorette, it could have been like Love Is BlindI was just open to the idea of going on it," she said. "I knew I had to be single, that is the requirement, and like sunshine, so I was like, 'OK, perfect! I am golden.'"

"Right before we left for filming, we found a note that it was called 'untitled dating show,' so then I was like, 'Perfect, this is great,'" she added. "Overall, the experience was so amazing and it was probably, like, the wildest month of my entire life."

Chloe also revealed in her ET interview that filming for the show wrapped a year ago. The cast has been sworn to secrecy for a while now, so she and her housemates couldn't be happier to finally publicly share the details of their epic adventure!

"We filmed for around a month, and it was the most amazing month of my life," she exclaimed. "I'm just full of excitement right now. Like, my adrenaline is just 'Ahh!' I can't believe it's actually happening."

"So many people are going to be able to see this amazing experience and what we went through emotionally," she added. "To kind of, like, connect with ourselves and to connect with other people on such a deep, emotional level. It's so exciting."

As for how the cameras inside the villa worked (and how Lana knew whether they were breaking any rules!), Sharron Townsend, 26 from Camden, New Jersey, gave ET some insight.

"I think I have to watch this [show back] by myself... like, lock myself up in a room or something," he joked. "Lana has eyes. So, Lana can see into the shower. Lana can see everything."

"Lana actually sees and knows all," he reiterated. "Shower, bed, everywhere."

Sharron also revealed who from the cast he thinks will be most adored by fans. "For the most part, I think everyone is going to be lovable, but I know people are going to love Harry," he gushed. "Harry had quite a sense of humor, totally a great kid and the 'naughty little possum.'"

"He definitely impressed me while he was there, so I know the [fans] are going to like him," he continued. "Chloe also. She was like the little sister."

As fans begin to binge-watch the series this weekend, Chloe wants everyone to remember that for her and the cast, this wasn't "just a reality show," it was their life.

"This isn't just a show that's on Netflix. We actually experienced this in the villa," she said. "I'm such an emotional person, I cried a handful of times. There are real emotions, real tears."

"For everyone to come together all under cameras, it's just phenomenal," she added.

All eight episodes of Too Hot to Handle drop Friday, April 17 on Netflix. In the meantime, learn more about the cast here!