Transgender Influencer La Demi Shares Her Top Confidence, Fashion and Makeup Tips

La Demi
Chris Martin

Transgender influencer La Demi sat down with ET to share her advice for feeling self-assured no matter what.

Believe in yourself! Transgender influencer La Demi has made waves in the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries through her modeling gigs, makeup line, and reality television appearances on Glam Masters, Botched, and Ex on the Beach, and now, she’s sharing her advice for staying self-assured through it all.

"I was the child at school doing all the talent shows and acting and dance classes. … I told everyone that I was moving to Hollywood when I grew up. … I knew in my soul that whatever it took, I was going to forever strive to be the best I can be no matter how many ‘nos’ I received," the Texas native tells ET.

La Demi/Instagram

The creator's determination paid off and since then, Demi has racked up over 300,000 Instagram followers, over 60,000 YouTube subscribers, and worked with Hervé Leger, Fashion Nova, Revolve, Sephora, Ulta, and more brands. 

"There will always be times I feel like my confidence lacks or is challenged. … Being a trans woman in the industry is not easy. ... The trick is to always remind yourself that nobody is you and that’s your superpower," she notes. 

"Once I was able to live my authentic life publicly and inspire thousands of people along the way, I felt a sense of confidence and like I was doing something right. … I get so many messages from people around the world about how I saved them, gave them hope, inspired them, or fueled their dreams and that keeps me going," the LGBTQ+ activist adds.

La Demi/Instagram

Beyond staying motivated by her fans, Demi also looks within herself to feel her absolute best. 

"If I’m having an off day, I usually like to reset. I ask myself why I am doing what I’m doing and remind myself why I love it and how blessed I am. … I never take anything for granted. I change a negative into a positive," she says. 

And a cute outfit and fresh face doesn’t hurt either, according to the social media star.

"Fashion has no limits. It was the first outlet I used to express myself as a woman," she notes. "I’ll wear something designer and match it with thrift finds. … If it looks good on me and I feel sexy, I’m wearing it."

La Demi/Instagram

When it comes to her beauty routine, the entrepreneur has been trying out a minimalistic approach recently and appreciating her simple regimen.

"I have learned to chill out a bit and that less is more. I’ve been pushing myself to embrace more of a natural look and realize that I don’t need a full face to be beautiful. I am beautiful as I am," she explains.