Travis Kelce Hilariously Reacts to the Typo on the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl Ring

Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes
Kansas City Chiefs

Travis Kelce had a comical reaction to finding out his $40,000 Super Bowl ring contains a typo.

Travis Kelce says he isn’t sweating the typo on his Super Bowl LVIII ring.

In the latest episode of his New Heights podcast – which he hosts alongside brother Jason Kelce – Travis, 34, responded to the incorrect information on the inside of the ring, which ranks the Miami Dolphins as the seventh seed while listing out all of the Kansas City Chiefs' post-season opponents.

"One major little goof on the ring, Miami is listed as the seventh seed because it has all of the games you guys had to win to get there. Miami was actually the sixth seed. I guess that's just the way the ring is [...] are you gonna get it fixed?" Jason, 36, asked his younger brother.

"I don't give a s**t," Travis responded, hilariously adding, "I like it that we didn't give a f**k about what seed Miami is."

The tight-end, who claimed his third Super Bowl ring with the Chiefs during the February showdown against the San Francisco 49ers, said that while it may bother some fans, he is fine with it, flaws and all.

"They were the seventh. Who cares? They could've done no seeds on the side of them. I would've been fine," Travis continued. "I think it makes it more unique. Like, 'Oh, yeah, we made it really detailed, and, oops, we screwed up.'"

Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes at their Super Bowl LVIII ring ceremony - Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs players – including superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes and controversial kicker Harrison Butker – were all handed their bling during a ceremony in early June and marveled at the latest addition to their jewelry collection, which costs an estimated $40,000 apiece and contains more than 500 diamonds and 38 rubies.

Asked by Jason to pick which of his three rings is his favorite -- he also has rings for Super Bowl LVII and Super Bowl LIV -- Travis shared that while this year’s ring is "pretty damn cool" and "feels and looks like a championship ring," he favors 2023's reward, which the Chiefs won by defeating Jason's then-team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

"I would probably say the one last year was my favorite one," Taylor Swift's beau said in the June 19 episode of their podcast. "The top of the ring comes off and it has a clasp so that you can wear it in different ways."

While Travis was not dating Taylor, 34, when he was given the 2023 ring, the pair are now fully involved and supporting each other on their individual career wins. While the "Karma" singer could not be present for the 2024 ring ceremony as she is halfway across the world on the European leg of the Eras Tour, she made a point to show her man and his teammates love, even from thousands of miles away. 

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift on the field after the 2024 Super Bowl - Patrick Smith/Getty Images

For the June 13 ceremony, Taylor participated in the Instagram Live feed of Chariah Gordon, the partner of Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman,  where expressed her excitement through a series of enthusiastic, all-caps comments such as "YESSSSSS" and "CONGRATULATIONS."

In spite of the distance between them, sources tell ET that Travis and Taylor continue to stay diligent about prioritizing their relationship while they are apart. 

One person familiar with the couple told ET in early June,  "Taylor and Travis make sure that the current long-distance aspect of their relationship doesn't last very long. They both move their schedules around if it's feasible and try to carve out as much time as they can to see each other, as well as each other’s families and friends."

They added, "They prioritize each other and do anything and everything to make each other happy. Their relationship is genuine and they both want to make it work, so it does."

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