Inside the Juicy 'Good Wife' Love Triangle


Julianna Margulies is caught in a juicy love triangle in "The Good Wife" – and we're on the set of the hit CBS show to get the dirt on the upcoming season!

Will Julianna's character stay with her unfaithful politician husband (Chris Noth) or leave him for her longtime friend and boss (Josh Charles)? Season two ended with a long-awaited kiss between Julianna and Josh -- and a waiting hotel room. Millions of loyal fans are now holding their collective breaths to see what happens next.

On the "Good Wife" set, Julianna is playing it coy about the future of their characters, but Josh tells us "The beauty of last year was it really set up this next season here that we're about to begin."

So where does that leave Chris Noth? The first episode of the new season, called "The Next Day," picks up right where the finale left off…

Tune in this fall to see what happens as "The Good Wife" has a new time slot Sunday nights on CBS.