Jaleel White Uncomfortable with 'DWTS' Cameras


As Jaleel White and dancing partner Kym Johnson prepare for Dancing with the Stars next week, ET discovered White's dislike of having cameras follow him during rehearsal even though he is an actor.

"I don't know if I'll ever be comfortable with the cameras there for the entirety of rehearsal," White said. "Yeah, [I'm comfortable with] a camera with a great script and 'action' and 'cut' is wonderful but when you have a camera there capturing your missteps and your frustrations, honestly sometimes you just want to punch the camera."

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Beyond his frustration with the cameras always being there, White revealed that he is enjoying the experience so far and feels that his career has come full-circle now that he is on DWTS decades later with Gladys Knight, with whom he co-starred as a boy on Charlie & Co. in the '80s.

As for whether White will channel any of his iconic Steve Urkel moves during this season, he replied negatively, explaining that he was taking a determined approach to the competition.

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"It's funny but I just want to do what [my partner] choreographs," the 34-year-old stated. "Why would I get myself intentionally marked off by the judges for doing something like that?…But at the same time, if there's any way I can evoke some nostalgia and just have fun with the crowd—that's going to happen."

Dancing with the Stars
premieres next Monday (Mar. 19).

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