Director's Cut: Sam & Diane's Reunion Lovefest


Cheers' classic couple Sam (Ted Danson) and Diane (Shelley Long) haven't missed a beat over the last 30 years, as Nancy O'Dell found out during her exclusive interview with the actors.

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"You really put Cheers on the map," said Ted, praising Shelley's iconic performance as Diane Chambers.

While many, both critics and fans alike, concede that the show and its characters withstand the test of time, Shelley might never know.

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The Golden Globe winner admitted that she doesn't watch too many reruns of the show because of things she views as mistakes that she wish hadn't been captured on film.

"See, I've forgotten," said Ted, who says that he enjoys shows as if he's never seen them before. "I'm watching, going, 'Who is that guy? He's so tall and limber!'"

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