'Bachelor' Recap: Tierra Triumphs & Amanda Falls


The competition for Bachelor Sean Lowe's heart is heating up! 

Thirteen girls are left to vie for Sean's affections this week, and it's no surprise announcements of the coveted one-on-ones are making everyone a bit antsy. To the dismay of the other women (especially Leslie H., who breaks out in tears from frustration), Selma is chosen for the first whirlwind date.

Despite Selma's distaste for athletics and the heat, Sean's rough-and-tumble rock climbing date in the desert turns out to be a hit. The self-proclaimed girly girl escalates the 100-ft rock with relative ease and earns a few points from Sean in the process. As a reward for being a good sport, the two cap off the night with a romantically eclectic dinner in a converted trailer park. Struck by the urge to kiss his date, Sean asks permission to make a move but is denied by Selma out of fear her strict parents will be upset by their nationally broadcast exchange of lust. Respectfully, Sean backs off, but Selma's modesty doesn't deter him from bestowing a rose to his date.

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As if the house wasn't competitive enough, Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, AshLee, Sarah and Tierra are pitted against eachother for a spirited roller derby group date. While the festivities begin with fervor, it doesn't take long before Sean decides to change the rules and make the date a friendly one. Amanda, who came into the ring with confidence, suffers a violent spill which sends her to the hospital. Sarah experiences extreme difficulty maintaining her balance with one arm, and nearly leaves the rink for good out of sheer disappointment. In an attempt to assuage the girls' anxieties, Sean opts to forgo the competition and free skate instead.

Back at the house, Tierra grows frustrated as the group date leaves her with little time to spend with the bachelor. This prompts her to spontaneously announce her tearful exit from the competition in the middle of Sean's sexy date. After some reassurance from Sean, Tierra is talked off her ledge and given a rose to the horror of the remaining women.

The second one-on-one went to Leslie H. and Sean goes to extreme lengths to make the outing the most romantic date he can manage. A la Pretty Woman, Leslie was bestowed with diamond earrings before being treated to a day of shopping on Rodeo Dr. and dinner. Despite all the right circumstances, Sean is upset that he isn't feeling a "romantic connection" with Leslie, and opts to send her home.

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"Blindsided," Leslie takes the rejection well. Climbing into her waiting car, she warns Sean to be careful of the ladies who aren't in the competition for the right reasons.

When it came time down to the final rose ceremony, Sean gives Amanda the final boot.

"Sean has everything that I'm looking for," weeps a teary Amanda. "I feel really rejected, and it hurts."

Tune in next week for a special two-night extravaganza of Bachelor madness. Brand-new episodes will air both Monday and Tuesday night on ABC.