'Revolution' Cast Previews Return of the Show


After a four-month hiatus, Revolution is back to continue the second half of its premiere season. Although it's been a while since the show last aired, the cast teased that its upcoming episode picks up right where the previous one ended.

Fans of the sci-fi drama series have been left lingering since late November to find out more about the blackout that changed the course of the entire planet. Now that the characters and storyline has been introduced to the audience, the cast previews more zealous episodes.

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"All the stakes, they're higher now," said J.D. Pardo ("Jason Neville"). "The conflict is more intense and it's a challenge for all the characters because...it's about survival. It's almost as if Episode 111 (upcoming episode)...really is the revolution of these characters."

Billy Burke, who plays former Marine Corps sergeant "Miles Matheson," maintains that there is more potential for the show to expand now that the basic premise has been established.

"The quest for (electrical) power has been one of the larger themes of the show, but it's now unfolding into bigger and broader themes," Burke said. "Now that we have got an idea of where the power is and how it's controlled, that's only going to lead us into bigger, broader things."

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With the foundation laid, the show is not only set to expand thematically but geographically as well, as the blackout is a worldwide phenomenon.

"We start to see the...inter-factional wars and the fighting that goes on across what was formerly the United States," previewed David Lyons ("Bass Monroe"). "[Eric Kripke] (creator) bleeds the world right out, so it's incredibly expansive. The stakes, therefore, get higher; the casualties are greater; and the scope for drama, obviously, is exponential."

Viewers can not only anticipate more exploration into the blackout itself but also the mysterious pendants that are said to have enough power to reverse the blackout. Plenty of clashes will surround the powerful pendants.

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"In the second half [of the season] ...more about the pendants will be talked about," said Tracy Spiridakos, who plays principal character "Charlie Matheson." "[We are] really going into the title of the show, 'Revolution.' Now that we've got Danny back, it's more about the good guys versus bad guys sort of thing—a little bit more of the battle aspect of it."

will begin the second half of its first season Monday, March 25 at 10 p.m. on NBC.