J. Lo Previews Complex Family Drama 'The Fosters'


Singer/entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez is proud of her "compelling" new drama The Fosters -- featuring a multi-ethnic family mix of foster and biological children being raised by two moms -- and we've got J.Lo giving us a sneak peek of the new ABC Family series.

"This series takes chances," Lopez explains in a new featurette about The Fosters. "It's about a bi-racial lesbian couple who have biological and adopted children all living together as a family." She adds that the show's message about atypical families like the one portrayed on-screen can educate and have a positive impact. "If we can touch one adult or one child to embrace that concept, or that idea about love and acceptance, then we did our job," she said.

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Co-creator and executive producer Peter Paige echoed these thoughts and said he feels The Fosters represents groundbreaking television. "You can kind of draw a line between any two characters and get a relationship that hasn't really been explored on TV before," Paige said.

Actress Teri Polo, who plays dedicated police officer Stef Foster, said she's excited to be part of a show that's so relevant in today's world. "It's about family, it's about love, it's about life. It's about what happens every day in the year 2013." Co-star Sherri Saum, who portrays school Vice Principal Lena Adams, agrees, saying the series reflects current situations in society. "If people give it a chance and have an open mind, they might just recognize themselves."

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Watch the video for more and you can catch the premiere of The Fosters next Monday June 3 at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.