'Stranger' Things from J.J. Abrams


J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot production company has just released Stranger, a mysterious teaser for something new, but they're not saying another word about it, letting the dark, cryptic, elegiac one-minute piece speak for itself.

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Showing a man washing ashore at night and struggling to his feet, the elderly vocal narrative teases, "Men become lost. Men vanish. Men are erased, and reborn." A startling image of a man's face with his lips sewn shut appears, then come the words: "Soon he will know," fading away to say "Soon he will," then ultimately, "Soon." Hmmmmm….

Bad Robot has multiple projects in the works, including The Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling's final screenplay, called The Steps Along The Way, which has been discussed as becoming a limited-episode TV event. Could this be the first piece of the puzzle?

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What project do you think Stranger is for, and what does it mean? Bad Robot isn't speaking, but that could be because their mouths are all sewn shut…