Kidnapping Victim Describes Decade of Captivity


For eleven years Michelle Knight was held captive by Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro, and tomorrow she speaks to Dr. Phil about the horrors that she endured for over a decade.

"I thought I was going to get killed," Knight says in our clip.

Knight tells Dr. Phil that she thought of herself as Castro's most hated victim, explaining that Castro would bind her hands, feet and neck with extension cord.

"I was tied up like a fish -- an ornament on the wall," says Knight, who was held captive along with Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry.

"There was something about her," says Dr. Phil, who admires Knight for her "intellect" and "unwavering spirit." "She didn't cave," Dr. Phil continues. "She fought back."

The ladies escaped on May 6 after a neighbor heard Berry's cries for help.

Castro was sentenced to life in prison, but was found hanging in his prison cell three weeks into his sentence.

Knight's interview with Dr. Phil airs in two parts starting tomorrow.