Adam Lambert On The Pros of Being Polarizing


Adam Lambert made his Glee debut last night -- an event that was, apparently, four years in the making!

The singer tells ETCanda that he originally auditioned for a role on the Fox series before making it to the finals of American Idol, but looked "too old" to play a high schooler. Clearly the wait was worth it as Lambert's performance of Marry The Night was one of the most splendid singing showcases the series has ever seen!

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The good news is that Lambert -- and his decadently-dressed character, Starchild -- will be back in an episode titled Puppet Master. "Like the title suggest, it's about further power struggles," he says through the tight-lips anyone who works on the Fox musical adopts. In addition to talking about the excitement he felt for last night's awesome episode, Adam opens up about his friend, Miley Cyrus, and why the best music can often stem from the haters.

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