Jason Segel and Jimmy Fallon Take on The Roots In 'Family Feud'


Jason Segel joined the Fallon family to take on The Tonight Show house band The Roots in a friendly game of Family Feud on Monday.

Steve Harvey took over as host and the men's first challenge was to come up with another term for marijuana. Though no one admitted to ever toking up, they sure came up with a lot of names for the drug. 

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The next challenge caused a rift in the band for a moment when Harvey asked The Roots to "name an instrument which is least likely to get groupies." Needless to say, the tuba player was not happy.

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The Tonight Show 
has become more of a variety show than just a sit-down, since late-night talk show since Fallon took over as host. For one example, check out the host throwing a ball in Oscar winner Julia Roberts' face!