'The Mysteries of Laura' Review: We Love You, Debra Messing (But Not Your Show)


Every TV fan knows that Fall is the most overwhelming season of the year. Why? One very simple reason: Too many shows and too little time. So we at ETonline are reviewing each and every one of the new fall TV shows to bring you our reviews on the good, the bad, the adorable and the just plain horrible.

Show: The Mysteries of Laura

When It Airs: Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

The Biggest Stars: NBC Darling Debra Messing (Will and Grace, Smash) takes the lead, along with Sweet Home Alabama's Josh Lucas. Laz Alonzo and from the short-lived NBC series, Deception, and the girl that you'll recognize from practically everything, Janina Gavankar, (True Blood, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, etc.) also join the cop dramedy.

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Here's What You Need to Know: The Mysteries of Laura centers on New York City detective, Laura Diamond (Messing) a clichéd no-nonsense, "type-A" cop who is more concerned with eating the borderline rancid burrito she left on her desk, than instilling her two demon-esque twin boys with some basic manners. (Is it that hard to teach your children not to pee on each other in public?!) Adding to the series' problems is Laura's soon-to-be ex-husband Jake, (Lucas) a man-child who would rather "skip" his parenting duties than actually sign his divorce papers, and an overly pushy, by-the-book cop (Gavankar) who is quick to throw Laura under the bus at a moments' notice.

With Laura's blatantly atrocious eating habits (Seriously, why was there so much food in this pilot?), and her hate-on-the-goody-two-shoes demeanor, it seems like NBC was going for a pre-makeover Miss Congeniality vibe with their lead, but failed to create a character that we would actually like to see succeed in either aspects of her life.

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If You Like…Will and Grace, Smash, and have a strong obsession for all things Debra Messing, then you might like The Mysteries of Laura. The keyword here being might.

Our Review in GIF Form:

Bottom Line: We didn't know it was possible to dislike a show that starred the fiery Debra Messing – but we were wrong. Essentially The Mysteries of Laura achieves exactly the opposite of what you would want: It's a comedy with no laughs, a drama in need of gravitas, a parenting show without enough heart, and a crime procedural that lacks believable situations.

Sorry, Debra…

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