Is James Corden the Next Jimmy Fallon? What's Next For 'The Late Late Show'!


There's a new face coming to the late night scene — and he's bringing an infectious smile.

Now that Craig Fergusonhas stepped down from The Late Late Show thrown, British comedian James Corden is preparing to take over the CBS legacy on March 23. (And in case you missed it, here's everything you need to know about the new host!)

The Into the Woods star stopped by the TCA Press Tour on Monday give the inside scoop for the changes in store for The Late Late Show, and the type of program he hopes to create. In addition to charming the critics with his optimism, Corden revealed his simple, yet strategic plan for creating a quality show.

"The harder I work, the better chance I have at this show being successful," he said.

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The multi-talented star was quick to admit that no solid plans have been made in terms of who his guests and musical performances will be in his inaugural show. "We literally know nothing. It’s completely pointless our being here," Corden said with a laugh.

When asked if The Late Late Show will "put the breaks" on a lucrative movie career, Corden was happy to explain that he feels the exact opposite. "There’s nothing more creative I don’t think I’ll ever do in my career than try to make an hour of television every day," Corden responded. "In terms of creativity, I couldn’t feel less like I’m putting the brakes on and more like I’m putting my foot on the gas really."

Corden, who is a 2012 Tony award-winner, revealed that he intends to respect the traditional late-night talk show format, but with a bit of a twist. The 36-year-old actor mentioned that he hopes The Late Late Show will act as a platform where up-and-coming bands and comedians can showcase their talents.

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Jimmy Fallon
first brought major excitement and attention to the late late night time-slot with his viral-worthy celebrity collaborations and and unique games as the host of Late Night. Now, the former SNL cast-mate continues to break ratings as the host of The Tonight Show, and like Fallon, Corden hopes to include "all aspects of variety" in his show.

Despite his lesser-known presence in the United States, Corden believes that humor is universal and he hopes The Late Late Show will attract audiences from all around the world. "Funny’s funny. I think if it’s good it travels," he added.

Corden explained, "There’s no rhyme or reason why I should be given the opportunity to host a late-night talk show, talk to America every night and hopefully try to make them smile before, or more likely whilst, they fall asleep."

It's the fast-paced thrills and the pumping of the adrenaline that Corden is looking forward to the most. "It’s the best thing about this show," he said. "We’re going to wake up in the morning and so often say, 'What are we going to do tonight?' and that will become a scramble and a race to try to do something we think is funny. We do it, it’s gone and there’s another one tomorrow."

The Late Late Show With James Corden
will premiere March 23, during the final leg of David Letterman's stint as the host of The Late Show. Letterman's successor, Stephen Colbert, will take over on Sept. 8, CBS announced.

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