'Pretty Little Liars' Sneak Peek: Are Spencer and Toby Breaking Up? Is Hanna Becoming Suspicious?

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Holy Pretty Little Liars!

Between Spencer and Toby’s tiny quarrel over what to do with the discovery of the possible Mona murder weapon and that make-out between Ashley Marin and Jason – our Rosewood-induced emotions are at an all-time high. But, what can we expect next week?

Bad news “Spoby” fans, the wedge between one of our most beloved couples will only grow bigger next week after Spencer and Caleb attempt to hunt down Mona’s missing laptop. In Spencer’s defense, the girls are getting messages from “Mona,” who we know is dead, sooooo – they just want to find out WHO is responsible for sending the texts.

In the coming weeks, we can also expect to see Spencer spending more time with Rosewood newcomer, Jonny, the edgy-artsy brunette we met for the first time in last night’s episode.

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And speaking of rocky relationships – Aria is going to try and muster up the courage to tell Ezra the truth about the letter she sent to Jackie. As we saw last night though, ‘A’ is already on to Aria – and things might not go as planned.

One relationship that is seemingly getting stronger though is Aria’s with her younger brother Mike. On Feb. 3, in an episode titled “Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me," we’ll see Mike continuing to open up about Mona. Apparently, she had a talent for remembering specific facts about every movie she ever saw. “I think she remembered every movie she ever saw and not just the plot but details – all these little details, it was amazing,” Mike will share with his big sis. We’re just hoping all this information helps uncover who her murderer really was. Because, c’mon – do you really think it was Ali?

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Not only did Hanna discover her MOM hooking up with Jason DiLaurentis – but next week she’ll have to cover for Ashley when Pastor Ted comes to town. Yikes. And Ashley and Jason… really?

And that’s not the only thing on Hanna’s mind.

Detective Holbrook’s eerie dad joins the list of people who confused Hanna with Ali when she ventured to find Holbrook. While she doesn't find who she’s looking for, she does return to her car to find the teddy bear from her college visit in the driver’s seat. After pulling a string on the stuffed animal’s stomach, animal guts fell out. Creepy.

That theory that Alison and Hanna are somehow related is gaining more traction on social media (and Holbrook’s dad’s comment only added to it). We can’t forget all the Hanna-twin connections from previous episodes. In the first Halloween special, Ali tells a twin-story with Hanna about a twin who killed her sister. Next Halloween special? Ashley Marin sees that same little blonde twin in her kitchen. In the third Halloween special, Hanna is the only one to see blonde twins dressed in red coats while visiting Ravenswood.

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Animal intestines and twin theories aside, PLL is clearly still dropping hints that Hanna is smarter than anyone thought. Even Spencer pesters her about how many colleges she was accepted to. But, is she right about Ali?

When Hanna goes to visit Ali in prison, her former BFF reveals her “real” alibi for when Mona was killed. Apparently, she went to meet Cyrus – the same guy she accused of kidnapping her – and the same guy she met in the woods whilst dressed in a wig. Yea, that guy. According to Allison, Cyrus never showed – and she cops it all up to a complete set-up. Hanna just doesn't believe her though.

‘A’ is seemingly still out there – the episode ends with Ali receiving a note in prison that reads “Your friends will see you soon.” Watch the video above for sneak peek clips and spoilers galore.

One piece of good news? PLL mastermind Marlene King revealed to a fan on Twitter that we might figure out ‘A’s identity sooner than we thought.

Who do YOU think is ‘A’? And, do you think Ali really killed Mona – or, is she telling the truth about being framed? Chat with @Katie_Krause on Twitter about all your thoughts and theories – and include that #ETnow hashtag.