RuPaul's Tyra Moment on 'RuPaul's Drag Race': 'F--cking Make It Happen'


RuPual unleashes his wrath on the remaining competitors up for elimination.

RuPaul has had it.

In an episode that had a notable first -- the queens debuted beards on the runway --, RuPaul surprised fans by unleashing a Tyra Banks-like wrath on the contestants up for elimination. Clearly at a breaking point (this early in the season) with the queens, the host was noticeably upset by their lack of effort throughout that week’s episode.

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“In seven seasons of doing RuPaul’s Drag Race, I’ve never seen a car crash like this before,” RuPaul says at one point during the show’s main challenge, a Macbeth-inspired acting competition that goes awry when the queens aren’t prepared. But it was on the runway where he spilled all the T.

“You did not know your lines,” RuPaul cutting off contestant Jasmine Masters’ excuse for messing up. After more excuses and a round of the blame game, all the judges were visibly annoyed.

“FYI, for all you girls up there: I don’t want to hear any goddamn excuses. Be prepared!” RuPaul shouts. And when Jasmine tries to interrupt mama Ru with another excuse -- seriously though, Jasmine?! -- he stands his ground.

“Make it work! Make it work! F--king make it happen!” he continues. “I don’t want to hear any goddamn excuses anymore!”

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While the moment may not quite at the same level of ferocity as Tyra when she humiliated Tiffany for her despondent attitude on cycle four of America’s Next Top Model, it comes close. (You can practically hear Tyra yelling “Be quiet, Tiffany” over and over again.) This is probably the most emotion fans have seen from Ru, who typically shows motherly love to the contestants. And needless to say, they weren't expecting it.

But if he really wants to shake things up, Ru should make all six queens from the losing team lip sync for their life. That would show up Tyra...

Maybe next season!