'Pretty Little Liars': How to Do Aria's Eye Makeup - Plus 6 Beauty Secrets You Need to Know!

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There's a reason why the word "pretty" is in the title!

Pretty Little Liars
features one of the most gorgeous casts in television history, but have you ever wondered how you can achieve PLL-worthy perfection with your own makeup routine? (Trust us, we have too!)

So we at ETonline traveled to the makeup trailer on the PLL set to chat with head makeup artist Cindy Miguens about all the secrets, tips, and tricks you need to know about the Liars' flawless looks. Plus, get out your best brushes because we have your exclusive step-by-step guide for how to achieve Aria's (Lucy Hale) new eye makeup for season six!

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1. Lavenders for Lucy Hale:
It's no secret that Aria always looks amazing when she's running around Rosewood, but do you know how to duplicate her coveted combination of perfect brows and slightly smoky eyes? Take a look at our exclusive two-minute tutorial above!

"Basically her look right now is something we've toned down a teeny bit, it's not as much of the black liner," Miguens explained. "We're doing a little bit more of the lavenders and purples on Lucy Hale and we're getting more into colored eye liners."

ABC Family

2. Flash-forward Fabulousness:
For those of you who are dying to discover what the Liars will be up to after the highly anticipated five-year time-jump, we can assure you that they will all have one thing in common: they will all look flawless!

"It's going to be so exciting I can't even tell you," Miguens, who is currently prepping for the Liars' new looks, dished. "There is definitely going to be a difference in their whole entire look. More done-up, more polished. It's going to be probably Sex and the City meets Pretty Little Liars so you guys are going to be in for a big surprise."

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3. Look at Those Lashes!
If you're anything like us, chances are you've experienced some serious lash-envy when you see the Liars with their long and perfectly mascaraed eyelashes. Well, you can stop turning green because Miguens confessed something we've always suspected: their lashes are always fake!

"Every single girl wears lashes -- even in the morning looks!" the makeup maven confessed. "Sometimes we're having a no-makeup morning and so we'll give them brown lashes with maybe a little bit of mascara." We also discovered that one Liar in particular (cough… Shay Mitchell… cough!) is a big fan of luscious lashes with extra mascara.

ABC Family

4. A Hot Smoky Mess:
When we're reunited with the Liars in the season six premiere, we’re going to see five truly terrible-looking ladies. Their formerly perfect prom makeup is going to be caked with tears, dirt and despair. And although this sounds depressing, Miguens said achieving this distressed look is always her favorite.

"I love making people look like what they're supposed to look like and these girls had a horrible time –They were kidnapped for three weeks!" she spilled. "[To achieve the look] we used purples and we used reds. It's kind of like how you look like after a night of partying, and you didn’t wash your makeup. We all know what that look looks like, so basically that was my motivation."

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5. Become Fans of the Fan-Brush:
Want to get those perfect PLL cheekbones? Well, besides being born with amazing genetics, there is one brush that can solve all of your problems. "Every pretty little liar has a fan-brush in their makeup case and this is [how you get] the contour look," Miguens divulged. "This is how we get the famous contour look that the girls are now wearing every day."

In fact, the PLL beauty expert revealed that if there is one thing that fans should invest their makeup money into, it's a great set of brushes. "This is a new line that I've been introduced to and it's called Sigma and they have the best brushes," she said. "They're dense and your color goes on the way it looks in the palette. Right now they're my favorite."

6. Clear Skin is Key:
Before you can perfect these PLL makeup tips, you need to make sure that your skin in in tip-top shape. According to Miguens, one of the best ways to achieve that gorgeous skin glow is to use an all-over face mask.

"I've been fortunate to discover the masquerade mask that you've probably seen Shay and Ashley[Benson] wear a lot. These are wonderful as well as they give you moisture in the morning ," she said. "So if the girls are getting their hair done in the morning, they'll wear the mask or the eye patches and then they're ready for me and all prepped for their makeup."

Pretty Little Liars
returns for season six on Tuesday, June 2 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

Which pretty little makeup tip are you going to try at home? Which Liar do you think has the best beauty look? Share your PLL thoughts with @LeanneAguilera on Twitter!

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