'Grey's Anatomy': Jackson and April's Bittersweet Surprise Will Send Shock Waves


Grey’s Anatomy spent the hour retracing the pivotal moments in Jackson and April’s tumultuous relationship on Thursday, before dropping a major bombshell at episode’s end.

As one of the longest-running couples at Grey Sloan Memorial, the two have endured pregnancy scares, secret marriages, and losing their son Samuel, who had Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 2 and died shortly after birth. But the rift between the two was too deep after April left Jackson to serve as a trauma surgeon in the Army, forcing them to mourn their loss apart from each other. 

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After her return, Jackson served his wife with divorce papers.

While April has continued to fight for her marriage, at the end of the emotional hour, she finally gave in, signing the papers even though she’s keeping a major secret from her estranged husband: April is pregnant once again.

The heartbreaking revelation was almost too much for some fans to take.

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