'The Bachelor': Corinne Naps, Another Girl Leaves Mid-Date and the Backstreet Boys Weigh in On Nick's Suitors

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Backstreet's back, alright! The Backstreet Boys made an incredible appearance on this week's episode of The Bachelor.

While it wasn't the first time the ABC series has recruited celebs, something about BSB's cameo has left us inspired.

So here's everything you need to know about the drama of Monday's "Larger than Life" episode, as told through Backstreet Boys songs:

Shape of My… Heart?

Corinne definitely had a plan to show Nick the shape of her something!

The 24-year-old Miami native announced that she wanted to "get even more romantic with Nick, and explore each other sexually," before stealing Nick away during the cocktail party to squeeze whipped cream into each other's mouths. But when Nick wasn't so receptive to her advances -- "I'm trying to appreciate everything that is Corinne while still being respectful of the other women in the house," he later told the camera -- Corinne had a meltdown and decided to sleep through the rose ceremony. (Nap count: 1.)

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Though upset by Nick's rejection, Corinne somehow made it out of bed in time to show off her awkward dancing alongside the Backstreet Boys on the week's first group date.

A.J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell transformed Nick and his girls into backup dancers for a Los Angeles concert, where Corinne stood out for her terrible dancing, while Danielle L. wowed the band -- and snagged a solo dance, middle-school style, with Nick.

Danielle won the rose during the evening portion of the group date, but not before Corinne told the other girls that she missed her nanny back home, Raquel -- "Raquel keeps my life together. It makes her happy [to care for me]. I'm not going to stop her happiness," she said -- and then took a nap. (Nap count: 2.)

I (Would Not Have) Want(ed) It That Way

Vanessa's first one-on-one date with Nick had some clear highs and some definite lows. The brilliant minds behind The Bachelor decided that a zero gravity date would set the mood for romance between the pair, and it definitely did -- but not before Vanessa had trouble holding down her lunch. Though the Canadian beauty couldn't seem to keep the barf bag at bay, she apparently couldn't keep Nick away either, as he had no problem soothing her sickness with a little post-vomit makeout sesh.

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Quit Playing Games

As if the Backstreet Boys weren't enough, the week's second group date recruited even more star power -- in the form of Olympians Allyson Felix, Carl Lewis and Michelle Carter, who trained and tested Nick and the girls in various track and field activities.

While Alexis got a chance to show off the athletic ability that (maybe?) would make her a great dolphin trainer in the future, it was Astrid who took stood out. Though the 26-year-old brunette beauty perhaps could've used more support in the sports bra arena, she didn't need it in the final race, beating out Alexis and Rachel for one-on-one time with Nick in a hot tub. In the middle of the day. Track-side.



The night portion of the date seemed to go smoothly for everyone except Dominique, who just couldn't keep it together. After a little bathroom break down with Rachel, Dominique decided to confront Nick about his feelings for her.

"I don't feel like you gave me a fair chance," she told the Bachelor when they finally sat down for some time alone, explaining that she felt ignored when she tried to connect during the date.

"I do think you're great and you're beautiful, but at the same time, I don't want to string you along," Nick replied, interrupting the date to send the 25-year-old server all the way back home… to Los Angeles.

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Show Me the Meaning of Having a Nanny at 24

Nannygate has officially begun!

After Chris Harrison announced that the ladies would be having a pool party instead of a cocktail party ahead of the rose ceremony, the focus unsurprisingly turned to Corinne, who ambushed the day by sweeping Nick away to her princess playhouse for some not-so-childish activities, before retreating to her bed for a nap. (Nap count: 3.)

Though it was still sunny outside, the reception wasn't so warm for Nick when he returned, as the girls were quick to tell off the 34-year-old for "making a huge mistake" with Corinne. "Corinne is 24 and has a nanny," Raven told the Bachelor, who was clearly confused by the idea, until Taylor and Jasmine both approached him with the same discovery.

And in true Bachelor fashion, we'll have to wait until next week to see how Corinne will use her platinum vagine to get herself out of this mess.

The Bachelor
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