EXCLUSIVE: Why 'Bachelor in Paradise' Shut Down After Incident Between DeMario Jackson & Corinne Olympios


Details are emerging about what led to the suspension of the fourth season of the ABC reality dating show.

Following the announcement that production on season four of Bachelor in Paradise had been abruptly suspended amid "allegations of misconduct," new details are emerging regarding the circumstances that lead to the halt, and which contestants are at the center of the controversy.

A source close to the Bachelor in Paradise cast tells ET that when the cast first arrived to film the new season in Mexico, they were "drinking all day, having a good time… the guys and girls were bopping around, talking to everyone, trying to make connections."

According to the source, the incident in question happened between DeMario Jackson -- who was previously a contestant on the current season of The Bachelorette -- and Corinne Olympios -- who famously competed for Nick Viall's heart on the most recent season of The Bachelor.

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"DeMario was in the pool," the source said. "Next thing you know,Corinne comes over and hops on his lap. They start talking and joking."

The source says that things escalated quickly between the two contestants, leading to the pair getting hot and heavy together.

"Everyone is just going about their business. Cameras are rolling. Producers are everywhere," the source said. "That's when a 'third party' felt uncomfortable, claiming misconduct in the workplace. As of right now, production of Paradise is suspended indefinitely. And they are sending everyone home and telling everyone else to stay home. DeMario and Corinne got sent home soon after."

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Details about what happened remain unclear but the source went on to explain that the "third party" who made the complaint was a producer on the show.

However, the source says the producers on the show encouraged Jackson and Olympios to get together.

Following the incident, there appears to be no bad blood between the two contestants. "DeMario was trying to reach Corinne via email, Instagram and Facebook for a few days. Finally, [he] got a hold of her, they exchanged numbers and they've been talking. They are both speaking and on good terms," the source added.

It's unclear when the interaction between Jackson and Olympios took place. As for the rest of the cast, a group of Paradise stars were spotted by fans at the airport in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, on Sunday morning.

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Warner Bros. released a statement to ET on Sunday afternoon, explaining that they have "become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico."

"We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations," the statement continued. "Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action."

Until this abrupt halt, the fourth season of the popular ABC reality dating series was in full production mode and was scheduled to premiere on Aug. 8. It's unclear how this development will impact the premiere date or future filming of the planned season.

Reporting by Sophie Schillaci.