Tyler Cameron Says There's Still a Possibility He'll Be 'The Bachelor' Someday (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the former reality star at the expansion of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel Hollywood in Florida.

When it comes to The Bachelor, Tyler Cameron says never say never.

The Bachelorette alum was a fan-favorite to be the next Bachelor, but passed on the opportunity for a number of reasons.

ET's Rachel Smith caught up with the 26-year-old model and contractor at the expansion of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel Hollywood in Florida, on Thursday, where he didn't shoot down the possibility of one day becoming the Bachelor.

"Maybe down the road, but right now my heart really wasn't in it," Cameron told ET. "I had a lot of stuff going on back home and so I wasn't where I needed to be right now. But down the road, who knows."

Cameron had previously told ET that he was in talks with ABC to lead the next season of the dating reality show, but ultimately passed because, as he put it, "You shouldn't go on the show if you have a girlfriend" seemingly addressing his then-relationship with Gigi Hadid. He also revealed that his father's health was also a factor.

Earlier this month, ET confirmed that Cameron and Hadid were no longer dating, with the Florida native admitting he wasn't in a relationship.

"Yeah, I'm single," Cameron told Smith, jokingly adding, "Yeah, you haven't read the news at all?"

"I'm single and everything's good," he continued. "I'm not really focused on dating right now. I have a lot going on with me and myself and I'm just trying to focus on that right now."

While he isn't looking for love at the moment, he does know what he wants in a partner.

"My number one thing is the saying, I believe it's, 'Through love serve one another,'" he shared, adding that he's looking for "someone who is willing to serve like I am and take care of other people and share the love with everyone else."

Meanwhile, being at the Hard Rock is extra special for Cameron, who revealed that he worked on the building's construction six months before joining The Bachelorette.

"I was working for, like, $400 a week, doing construction as an intern and learning, learning, learning," he shared. "That's when I was trying to change and play pro football -- and that didn't work out. But I learned a lot while I was working here and now I'm actually here for this event, which is a total 180 from what I was doing. So it's truly an honor to be here right now."

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