Tyrese Gibson Reacts to Girlfriend Zelie Timothy Saying She Was Initially 'More Interested' in Paul Walker

The late actor co-starred with Tyrese Gibson in multiple 'Fast & the Furious' films.

Nothing's stronger than family, right? Tyrese Gibson got a difficult reality check over the weekend. During an Instagram Live with his girlfriend, Zelie Timothy, the 44-year-old Fast & the Furious star learned that his 27-year-old Instagram model girlfriend initially preferred his late co-star, Paul Walker.

"He wasn't my type at all," Zelie said of Tyrese. "My type is actually Paul Walker, rest in peace. He wasn't my type at all. And my type is not white. I was just more interested in Paul."

Walker, who appeared alongside Tyrese in multiple Fast & the Furious films, died after a car accident in 2013.

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Zelie didn't stop there. She went on to note that it was definitely not love at first sight between her and Tyrese.

"Even when I met him, I was like, 'Eh, he's kinda old.' I just like his smile," Zelie shared, while rubbing an upset-looking Tyrese's shoulders. "His personality was OK, but he didn't understand the Instagram model thing. He would always talk down on Instagram models."

Tyrese first jokingly pushed Zelie away, saying, "Don't touch me," and later added of his girlfriend's attraction to Walker, "This just went really bad really fast. So you wanted the homie? You didn't want me."

"I never said I wanted the homie. I just said he was cute," Zelie clarified. "You know all this. I wasn't your type either, so relax."

Zelie attempted to bring things back around to her and Tyrese's present-day relationship, saying, "So now we're here. It's an actual somewhat of a love story, which is crazy because I didn't know that I..."

"No, I'm done. No, don't touch me," Tyrese quipped.

Several commenters and fans felt that Zelie's comments were "disrespectful" to the action star, calling her out online. 

Tyrese and Zelie have been dating for more than two years and went public with their romance in March 2021.

Tyrese was previously married to Norma Mitchell from 2007 to 2009 and Samantha Lee from 2017 to 2020.

Tyrese has been candid about finding love with Zelie amid the pain of his divorce from Lee. Earlier this month, he shared several kissing photos with his girlfriend, writing, "Zelie you are the most loving, patient and kind love God could of ever sent me….. Thank you for standing with me as I create this painful ART…. And I’m almost sure you love this album even more [ I dedicated 7 songs to Zelie ] because you are the BEAUTY I discovered in my pain….."