Watch Contestants Fight For Pauly D's Attention in 'Double Shot of Love' Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

DJ Pauly D
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Take a look at the new show's hilarious clip!

Let the games begin!

ET has an exclusive sneak peek at the premiere episode of MTV's Double Shot of Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny in which the fans get a glance at the 20 women meeting DJ Pauly D, as pal Vinny Guadagnino watches on a monitor.

"My strategy to win Pauly’s heart is to pull him away from the girls 'cause once he talks to me I think I’m gonna be fine," a woman named Elle states in the confession booth — before the clip shows her doing just that!

The rest of the women look a little shocked as she walks him out of the room just minutes after he first arrived. Outside, the pair take a seat where she opens up about a recent breakup and getting her confidence back. But before they can go any further, another woman named Derynn has swooped in to steal Pauly away.

That's when Vinny exclaims, "Yo, this girl pulled a robbery on my man!"

In seconds, Derynn reveals that she’s a huge Jersey Shore fan, telling Pauly, "I’ve been a big fan since I was a freshman in high school. Every hookup, every pregnancy, every STD test, I’ve watched it all, honey!"

Pauly laughs in amazement but later admits in the confession booth that there could be some red flags here.

"Derynn is a superfan and I definitely want a woman who adores me, supports me. But I don’t know. These girls might be stage-five clingers," he says, right before the teaser shows Derynn admitting, "I just wanna squeeze you butt cheeks." 

"I gotta be careful," Pauly adds. "The stalker could actually be here now."

Head here to take a closer look at all the women vying for Pauly and Vinny’s hearts.

Double Shot of Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny premieres on Thursday, April 11 on MTV.