Watch Seth Meyers Get Hammered While Day Drinking With Ina Garten

Seth Meyers and Ina Garten

"Can we not talk about Jeffrey?! Oh my god! Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey!"

Seth Meyers and Ina Garten should be co-hosting the Oscars this year!

The unlikely duo made for some great television on Wednesday night when they did a hilarious segment on Late Night, called “Seth and Ina Go Day Drinking.”

It was clear from the get-go that Meyers was trying to out-drink Garten, which proved to be no problem as he chugged every cocktail placed in front of him and she daintily sipped her beverages. 

It all started when Meyers ditched his garnish and knocked back the entire British cocktail, the Pimm's Cup, as the shocked cookbook author looked on in awe. 

They then each separately made Garten’s own cocktail recipes, but Meyers quickly noticed that the master chef had brought her own measuring devices. 

"That’s the problem with you cookbook people!” he declared as he guessed the amount of ingredients that went into each drink. 

"Oh, it’s delicious!” Garden teased, when drinking one of Meyers’ concoctions. 

"You know, you have a face you make that’s a liar’s face?” Meyers told her as he clearly began to feel the affects of the libations. 

After downing three different cocktails, Meyers then attempted to record a slurry transition shot, saying, "Well, that’s enough for that,” and giggling as he tried to make it look natural. 

The pair played a few more games, including guessing if a dipping sauce was made by Garten or a fast food chain, and matching celebrities’ bare feet to their photo. Meyers then had to take a shot every time Garten successfully matched a celebrity chef’s quote to their name, which proved to be a deadly game for the host. 

As Garten tried to tell him a story about her husband, Jeffrey, Meyers shouted, "Can we not talk about Jeffrey?! Oh my god! Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey!"

Meyers then brought out a birthday cake he made for Garten, which was falling apart, and attempted to write her name in icing on the top. 

This isn’t the first time Meyers has done the sketch on the show. Last year, he joined forces with Kelly Clarkson for some day drinking with hilarious results.

Here's what happened: