Watch the Jonas Brothers Get Hammered While 'Day Drinking' With Seth Meyers

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After getting drunk with Rihanna, Seth Meyers broke out the booze with music titans yet again on Tuesday in an all new installment of "Day Drinking" with the Jonas Brothers.

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas joined Seth from some drinks -- and to keep things fair the Late Night host brought along his own brother, comedian Josh Meyers, as well as his "brother in an emergency," 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer.

Seth kicked things off with three specially curated drinks. These included "The First Born," which was a cocktail of Scotch Whisky, non-alcoholic beer and Alka Seltzer. Next was "The Baby" which was Kahlua, Hi-C fruit juice and rosé wine served in a baby bottle.

Finally, they wrapped up the first portion with a drink called "The Middle Child," that seemed to poke fun at Joe specifically.

"No one's thought of you for years, you're the forgotten child. So we're putting no thought into this drink at all," Seth explained. "We're gonna just randomly pour stuff in [a glass]."

Sufficiently buzzed, the group then kicked off with the games. First, the Jonas Brothers had to correctly identify photos of other famous brothers, and had to take shots of tequila when they got it wrong. Specifically, they took shots of Nick's own brand of tequila, Villa One.

Other games included a bizarre and embarrassing hairstyle matching game, and then a drunken shuffleboard game, during which they downed an almost concerning amount of different kinds of booze.

All of it, it seems was leading up to the final game of the night, called "Five Minute Pop Song." The two teams each drew a random fake song title from a bucket, and had five minutes to write an original tune fitting that title.

The Meyers "brothers" were tasked with writing a song titled "Drunk By Noon," while the Jonas Brothers had to write one called "In Bed By Nine."

After some drunken brainstorming, both bands of brothers came up with very unique tunes, with some incredibly risque, surprisingly sexual lyrics that really are the highlight of the booze-filled segment.

Late Night With Seth Meyers airs weeknights at 12:30 a.m. PT/ET on NBC.


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