Watch the 'Outlander' Cast Play a Giggle-Filled Game of 'Fill in the Blank' for Season 4! (Exclusive)

ET traveled through the stones to the 'Outlander' set in Scotland to play a game with the stars and get the scoop on season four!

It's time to take a trip, lassies! No, not through the stones...

We're going to travel inside the minds of the Outlander cast!

When ET sat down with the stars on-set in Scotland this past summer, we gave them a few unfinished sentences and asked them to fill-in-the-blank with the first thought that popped into their minds — and let's just say we were never bored during this game.

For example, when we asked the cast to finish this sentence — "I would describe season four as _____." — their answers were wildly different!

- John Bell: "Enthralling."
- Sam Heughan: "America."
- Sophie Skelton: "Epic."
- Richard Rankin: "Sausage."

Umm... sausage?

Luckily, Caitriona Balfe's answers regarding season four were a lot less confusing than Rankin's adorably random thoughts.

"I'm excited to see everything," Balfe gushed to our cameras. "We have some really, really cool scenes and setups. The sets are incredible and the actors are incredible and the costumes are incredible, so I'm excited to see that."

And when we asked the stars to finish the sentence, "Claire and Jamie are _____," Balfe was quick with her answer.

"Solid," she said confidently before adding, "as a rock."

Press play on our video above to discover what the stars said when we asked them...

- "Rollo is the cutest when _____."
- "The American Colonies are _____."
- "The one thing fans should know about Aunt Jocasta is _____."
- "My go-to snack from crafty has been _____."

And many more!

Keep it locked to ETonline on Friday, Nov. 2 for a very special tour of the new Fraser's Ridge set with Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe and don't miss the season four premiere of Outlander Sunday, Nov. 4 on Starz!