'Wednesday' Season 2 to Introduce New Addams Family Member

Jenna Ortega, Emma Myers, Hunter Doohan and Joy Sunday tease the anticipated new season for the breakout Netflix series.

It will be a minute before season 2 of Wednesday will be ready to be devoured by fans. But Jenna Ortega and her co-stars offered an early tease of what's -- or rather, who's -- to come in the Netflix series, which follows the titular (anti-)heroine as she enrolls in Nevermore Academy, a school for troubled outcasts, and investigates a murder mystery.

As part of Netflix's Tudum fan event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Saturday, Wednesday's Emma Myers, who plays Wednesday's roommate, Enid Sinclair, shared in a special video that season 2 "was being worked on right now and the storyline is so top secret even we don't know what's going to happen."

But one thing they could tease: Viewers will be introduced to a new member of the Addams family.

"This is true!" Myers, who was joined by castmates Hunter Doohan, who portrays Hyde barista Tyler Galpin, and Joy Sunday, who plays siren and Xavier's ex-girlfriend, Bianca Barclay, all revealed. 

"But we don't know who it is," Doohan added as a disclaimer.

Ortega, who adds a producer credit to her duties for season 2, pitched her ideas for which Addams family member it could be.

"I would love to see Cousin Itt," the 20-year-old actress shared, referring to the character that's composed entirely of blonde hair and wears a bowler hat and sunglasses, speaks in gibberish and is understood only by the Addams family.

Myers, Doohan and Sunday, meanwhile, all agreed they'd like to see Wednesday's grandmother, Grandmama, a witch who creates potions and spells, join the party in season 2.

Which Addams family member will be coming in season 2? Watch the Wednesday video below.

During a recent Variety's "Actors on Actors" conversation with The Great's Elle Fanning, Ortega revealed a shift in creative priorities for season 2.

"It’s still coming together, but we’ve decided we want to lean into the horror more. Because it is so lighthearted, and a show like this with vampires and werewolves and superpowers, you don't want to take yourself too seriously," she explained. "We’re ditching any romantic love interest for Wednesday, which is really great. We’re going to get bolder, more dark."

Ortega expressed the importance of getting the character right from the get-go.

"With a character like Wednesday, who is so beloved, I didn’t want to get her wrong. So I tried to have as many conversations as possible. On set, with the writers and Tim [Burton]. We’d decide what works and what doesn’t. In preparation for a second season, we wanted to make sure that we could start the conversations earlier," she said, crediting the character for forcing her "out of [her] shell." "I’m just so curious: I want to see the outfits, new characters that are coming in, scripts and they were gracious enough to let me put the producer hat on."

The first season of Wednesday is streaming now on Netflix.