Wendy Williams Says She Lost 25 Pounds Because 'Food Became Disgusting to Me'

The talk show host says she hasn't weighed this little since high school.

Wendy Williams is back for season 12 of The Wendy Williams Show and sporting a new look. The 56-year-old TV personality revealed on her talk show's Monday premiere that she's down to her lowest weight since high school after dropping 25 pounds amid quarantine. 

"I've lost 25 pounds," she shared with her live audience made up of staffers. "And I didn't do it on purpose. It's just that food became disgusting to me." 

Williams revealed that her tastes changed in quarantine, saying, "I was cooking at first and it was all good. I was shoveling food in my mouth and going out to eat. Everything from hot dogs to lobster, king crab legs, all that stuff, but then it became, I'm done with food." 

She added that when she went in for a colonoscopy and checked her weight, she was surprised. 

"I said, 'I haven't weighed this little since high school,'" she shared. "So I feel really good, but I'm just alone in my romance. Oh well, don't you worry because he might be watching right now."

Williams and her longtime husband Kevin Hunter split last year. 

Back in April, Williams opened up to ET's Kevin Frazier about her life in quarantine. 

"I'm a recluse by nature so being in the house is not a big thing for me," Williams shared. "I'm surrounded by all my good stuff. And there's good food, got my cats… I spend a lot of time thinking about what new life is going to be like."

She also talked about her weight loss, saying, "When quarantine is over, you've gotta get back on the hunt if you're a single woman." 

For more from the exclusive interview, watch the clip below: