What Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Name Their Child? Here's What the Oddsmakers Say

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The odds currently favor the Duchess of Sussex giving birth to a girl!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting ready to welcome their bundle of joy!

With the Duchess of Sussex set to give birth in the coming weeks, fans of the royals have never been more curious what the couple's first child will be named. According to multiple oddsmakers, far and away the favorite moniker for Harry and Meghan's child is Diana, after Harry's late mother.

According to multiple outlets, William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams called Diana the "red hot favorite," and placed it at 10/1 odds while speaking outside of Buckingham Palace late last week.

Though the familial connection to Diana is clear, according to Adams, Victoria is just as likely a name for Baby Sussex. Other possible names for a baby girl include Alice and Isobella/Isabella at 12/1 odds and Alexandra, Elizabeth and Grace, at a less likely odds of 16/1.

While Adams said that there's a "great chance" that Baby Sussex is a girl, betters are still considering possible boy names, giving the upper hand to Arthur with 4/1 odds. Edward, James and Phillip are other contenders at 16/1.

Likewise, Betfair spokesperson Katie Baylis recently told Yahoo Style UK that they expect Diana to be the chosen name, even increasing its likelihood to 3/1. Unlike Adams, Baylis said the next most likely name for a girl would be Grace at 8/1. Betfair also singled out Arthur, James and Edward as possible names, placing them all at equal odds of 14/1.

No matter Baby Sussex's name or gender, last year a source told ET that Meghan and Harry plan to give their child as "normal an upbringing as possible."

"Meghan and Harry, who want to use their platform and profile to further their humanitarian and charitable interests, want to pass on those same values to their children," the source said at the time. "They plan to spend a considerable amount of time in their Cotswold home and [Meghan's mother] Doria will have a prominent role in their family as the children's grandmother." 

"Their children are expected to one day have regular jobs, and will be raised to appreciate the differences in society," the source added. "They will have a healthy respect for boundaries like other children. They will have chores at home and be brought up with respect."

Earlier this year, royal expert Katie Nicholl told ET that Meghan's pregnancy is "the happiest period in her life."

"I'm told that she's upbeat and happy," Nicholl said. "Behind the scenes, she and Harry are really happy at the moment. They are super excited about the spring birth of their baby."

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