Why Demi Lovato Remains in the Hospital 6 Days After Apparent Drug Overdose

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Demi Lovato is still on the road to recovery. 

A source tells ET that the singer is "experiencing nausea and fever," six days after suffering an apparent drug overdose, adding, “she is under the care of medical professionals and is expected to recover.” TMZ was the first to report on Lovato's most recent health update.

Earlier in the day, a source told ET that Lovato was "still in the hospital and working on getting better and recovering" after being rushed to the hospital last Tuesday. Addiction expert Dr. Howard Samuels sat down with ET on Monday to offer some insight on the 25-year-old singer's ongoing hospitalization.

"We don't know exactly [which] drugs Demi was using, but for her to be in the hospital for six days sort of suggests to me that they're detoxing her off of an an opiate or a benzo[diazepine], such as Xanax or Valium, and they didn't want to release her until she's gotten these drugs out of her system," Samuels explained.

As ET previously reported, a source told ET that Lovato was stable, and "awake and responsive" hours after her hospitalization, but according to another source, Lovato's team attempted to get her help before the incident, including her longtime manager, Phil McIntyre.

"There was a sit-down talk with Demi and her team about a month ago to address her no longer being sober," the source said. "Demi’s team has been down this path with her before and, although hesitant at first, she agreed to go to rehab. However, it took her manager, Phil McIntyre, and others saying they’d walk away from her if she didn’t get the help to convince her."

"This time, Demi didn’t listen and Phil decided to part ways with her," the source added. "Phil and Demi are very close and it’s hard for both of them, but Phil wants what’s best for her and if she’s not in a good place, he can’t work with her."

According to the source, the plan is to get Lovato into treatment when she's released from the hospital. 

"Demi is planning to check into a rehab system that works for her once she’s released. This could be inpatient or outpatient,” the source noted.

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