Why Sarah Jessica Parker Says It 'Wasn't a Fun Night' With Alexander McQueen at 2006 Met Gala

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The Met Gala hasn't always been glitz and glam for Sarah Jessica Parker. In a new conversation with Vogue, as part of their "Life in Looks" segment, Parker broke down 10 Met Gala looks from 1995 to now -- including a 2006 Met Gala moment with Alexander McQueen that the And Just Like That actress said was anything but fun.

"When I was invited and told the theme, I said out loud [that] I really wish I could go with -- we called him Lee -- I wish I could go with Lee. I wish I could go with McQueen," Parker began of 2006's affair, themed "AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion." 

She continued, "A bunch of things came to mind. A -- he would say no, he's already been asked, he's called for, he's obliged. And I didn't really know him well enough to be so presumptuous. I summoned the courage or whatever was needed, and I reached out and asked would he consider attending with me, meaning more so, me with him. Could I be with him that night? And he said yes."

What strikes Parker most about their red carpet photo from the gala today -- which saw the pair in matching plaid looks -- was the position of their heads in the picture.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Alexander McQueen
Peter Kramer/Getty Images

"What strikes me about this photograph, is where our heads are and how careful I'm being, or cautious, or the shyer he was, the more shy I became. And I see that in this," Parker shared. "I'm being very careful of him. I feel like I'm literally saying, 'Are you ok?'"

"It wasn't a fun night," she continued. "It was, but it wasn't because I was nervous. I just wanted him to be OK. He knew how I felt about him, and there was like, so much affection and such a deep admiration."

Parker went on to gush over the late British fashion designer, and reveal that she's held on to every "pin" and memento from their various fittings over the years.

"I have every pin he dropped from his mouth in my possession still. I have everything he cut off in my possession still. I have things that seem like nothing -- from every fitting I ever did with him -- I have in my possession."

As for one of her favorite looks over the years, Parker said it would have to be her look from 2013's "Punk: Chaos to Couture" themed ball -- which included a mohawk headpiece so tall, she had to sit on the floor of a car to wear on her way to the annual gala.

"I had to sit on the floor to get to the met, because the headpiece did not fit if I sat in a seat," she revealed.

Despite some difficulty to pull of the look, the 57-year-old actress said it was a look that came together perfectly.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Stephen Lovekin/FilmMagic

"You always work really hard. Sometimes, it comes together in surprising ways, sometimes it's exactly as you planned. Sometimes you fall short, for any number of reasons. And this was just one of those things that it just all arrived at the same time, and everybody did their job."

The Met Gala returns May 2 with the theme, "Gilded Glamour and White Tie."


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