Will Smith Attempts to Run a Half Marathon for His Facebook Show

Will Smith
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Will Smith isn’t just testing his nerves on his new Facebook Watch show, he’s also testing his endurance!

In episode 4 of Will Smith’s Bucket List the leading man is heading to Cuba. Why? Because that’s where he will be tackling his first-ever half marathon. Although running 13 1/2 miles on its own is a tremendous undertaking, the 50-year-old leading man is raising the stakes by only giving himself three weeks to prepare for the event!

“As I talk the story out, it doesn’t seem like a good idea,“ Smith explains in the new episode. “It’s my snap reaction to say, ‘Yeah, I could run a half marathon.’ Then when I have my quiet moments…yeah, I think of all the bucket lists this is the one I’m most concerned about. Like in my deepest honesty with myself I really am not sure if I can run 13 miles.”

Will Smith
Facebook Watch

In order to get ready for the big day, the Suicide Squad star began training underwater and sprinting up sand dunes. But he didn’t stop there, he also got a crash course in learning to control his body temperature by employing ice baths and steam rooms.

For Smith, running a half marathon isn’t merely about checking another important moment off of his bucket list. It’s also proving to himself that he’s taking care of his health and continuing to push himself to greatness.

“My father died about a year and a half ago and it didn’t hit me so much emotionally as it hit me existentially,” he says during the episode. “It was like, ‘Oh sh*t I’m next.’ In terms of pushing my body, I want to keep my body conditioned and more than anything I want to keep my mind strong. It’s like I can do anything, like there is nothing I can’t do.”

Will Smith
Facebook Watch

This impressive undertaking is just the latest challenge the leading man has tackled. In previous episodes he skydived for his 50th birthday, swam cage-free with sharks and tried his hand at stand-up comedy! And if his social media is an indication, there’s plenty more challenges on the way in upcoming installments.

Check out the latest episode of Will Smith’s Bucket List right here.


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