Will Smith Posts Video of His First Colonoscopy 'for the Clout' -- But the Results Surprise Him

Will Smith
Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Will Smith is getting extremely candid with his fans.

Will Smith is getting very candid with his fans.

The 51-year-old actor documented himself getting his first colonoscopy on Thursday, sharing a 17-minute video on YouTube. Smith teased on Instagram, "They said you can't get to 50 million followers on IG without showing your butt. So here I am, gettin’ a colonoscopy for the clout ;-)."

In the video, Smith shared that he's having the procedure done in Miami and joked about why he decided to get a colonoscopy.

"'Cause I'm 50, so people need to look up my stuff," he cracked.

Smith was put to sleep during the procedure and cameras documented him waking up, laughing and going right back to sleep. The actor was still making jokes right after waking up from anesthesia, noting of the doctor, "He's like the Martin Scorsese of my a**."

Smith admitted that he was still out if it due to the effects of the anesthesia.

"I haven't done many drugs in my life, so, this stuff works on me really well," he shared. "I feel like I have to poop. Do I have to poop? Or was there a camera up my a** that's giving me the sensation?"

Smith said he had no regrets about the procedure.

"I feel back, I'm totally back," he shared once he was out of the hospital. "Everything feels normal. 2019, gotta get our health right. There's a certain amount of commitment and embarrassment involved with being healthy. You just gotta do it, man."

Getting a colonoscopy turned out to be significant for Smith. In a video chat with his doctor, Dr. Ala Stanford, she tells him that they removed a polyp -- a pre-cancerous lesion -- in his colon, and sent it to the lab and the results were that it was pre-cancer tissues.

"Had you not known, it continues to grow and grow," Stanford explained to Smith as she thanked him for listening to her and getting a colonoscopy even though it's uncomfortable. "You would've had fewer typical symptoms. And by the time you presented, it could be full-blown and spread throughout your body. So, the fact that you were compliant ... we diagnosed early. So what it means for you, in real talk, instead of getting a screening every 10 years -- which is what happens when people have a normal colonoscopy -- you need to get yours in the next two to three years."

The father of three admitted that the results were sobering, and also served as a powerful reminder that more people need to be screened.

"You know, when I decided I wanted to shoot this as a vlog, it was much more of a 'Hey, this will be cool. It will be fun,'" Smith said. "I didn't realize that there would be a pre-cancerous polyp that would get found out of it."

Smith is extremely popular on Instagram and has almost 40 million followers on the social media app. Last February, ET spoke with his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, and she talked about the Bad Boys for Life star's social media habits.

"He's not allowed to have his cell phone in the house anymore," she teased. "He has to leave it at the front door. No, I'm just kidding. He's having such a good time."

"Will is really creative, and he's just a fun guy," she added. "I think that this outlet... it's another toy for him. You know, people are always like, 'How's Will at home?' Well, now you get to see. Now you know."

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