'Young and the Restless' Star Eric Braeden Announces He is Cancer-Free

The 82-year-old soap star shared a health update with his fans on Monday.

Eric Braeden is sharing some joyful news with his fans. The 82-year-old The Young and the Restless star revealed on Sunday that doctors found no evidence of cancer after a recent procedure.

Braeden spoke with his fans on Facebook Live and shared a health update, revealing, "As of three days ago, I am cancer-free."

According to the actor, his doctors performed a cystoscopy and "they couldn’t find a damn thing! Isn’t that nice?"

The beaming actor explained that, while the prognosis was positive, he wasn't fully out of the woods just yet. Braeden said that he was still waiting on the results of an MRI to see if the cancer had spread, from his bladder, but he stressed that he was feeling optimistic.

"Thank you for all of your good thoughts, all of your prayers," Braeden shared with his fans. "It's meant a great deal to me, and I can tell you it obviously has helped."

Braeden later added, "I love life! Why wouldn't I? I'm working on the No. 1 show -- it has been No. 1 for 38 years now -- why would I complain? That would be obscene."

The celebrated, German-born soap legend -- who has starred as Victor Newman in over 4,000 episodes of The Young and the Restless since he joined the cast in 1980 -- spoke with ET's Kevin Frazier back in May about his cancer diagnosis.

"The reason that I'm going public with this is to inform people," Braeden shared. "As you get older, your prostate grows and it impinges the urethra. It means you have to go to the potty a lot more than you want to. That is sometimes the beginning of some trouble."

While he acknowledged that "the word cancer is scary" and hearing his diagnosis was "not good," Braeden said he doesn't want people's fear of the unknown to stop them from getting checked out.

"I just want men to know not to be scared of that. I want them to know to have your prostate examined, have your bladder examined, have your colon examined," he said "Just acquaint yourself with it and be open about it, so that way you take the fear out of people... A lot of men, me included, would not want to know about it. That's nonsense."