YouTube Star Eva Gutowski Shares Her Minimalistic Beauty Routine

Eva Gutowski
Courtesy of Coastal Citizen

Gutowski spills some of her top beauty and wellness tips exclusively with ET.  

Social media star Eva Gutowski, aka @mylifeaseva, is used to giving her 11.4 million YouTube subscribers a peek inside her life -- from advice on how to survive a breakup, to outfit inspiration, to her morning regimen, and more.

Regardless of what she's sharing, the vlogger always relies on a laid-back approach when it comes to her content, and now she's spilling some of her top beauty and wellness tips exclusively with ET.  

"When I first started my channel in 2012, I was trying so hard to be this perfect beauty guru, simply because that’s what I saw all the more popular girls on YouTube doing. Meanwhile, I didn’t even own makeup," she explains. 

"If you watch my first videos, I bought the cheapest makeup I could find and was trying to create looks just to fit in. ... After about 5 months, I realized that I should be myself and invite comedy into my channel, since that’s what I really loved doing. ... Since then, I stick to the philosophy that my channel should always be authentically me," the influencer continues.

Courtesy of Coastal Citizen

When Gutowski is being her true self, she makes sure to go back to her roots, which include a sustainable and minimalistic attitude that she adopted from growing up in Hawaii and the Kauai surf community.

"I’d find myself getting told on minute's notice, 'Hey, we're going for a surf!' or 'Let's go camping tonight!' and I’d be in the bathroom for 45 minutes doing my hair and makeup, only to sweat it off within hours," she shares.

"I was doing too much for the lifestyle I was trying to live, and it was severely holding me back. ... It took me 3 years of this routine to finally wean off of it and adapt a quicker and more minimal approach," the 27-year-old adds.

Now, her everyday self-care practices consist of a few steps including wearing less makeup and listening to her body. 

"I never wear foundation. I stopped years ago since it always breaks me out. ... I also don’t wear highlighter anymore since I like to let my skin’s natural glow show through," she shares.

"I stopped wearing full lipstick and instead just pat it on like a light stain. It makes my lips look naturally large and pillowy," Gutowski continues. 

Courtesy of Coastal Citizen

As for her skincare routine, Gutowski avoids harsh products and isn't afraid of getting a little dirty when staying active. 

"I cut out any skincare with weird smells or crazy colors. ... I do good face masks around three times a week and I shave my legs only on special occasions. ... I started hiking barefoot and letting mud get on my face, and honestly liking it," the YouTuber says. 

Her followers can get their very on taste of her simplistic perspective with the launch of Gutowski's dermatologist approved, 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free skincare collection, Coastal Citizen, featuring Morning Water, a no-rinse cleanser and reusable, oversized Bamboo Terry rounds.

"Your skin and body needs and wants a lot less than what we’re told," she notes. "Had I never learned how to make small changes that make a big lifestyle difference, I would have never cleared my skin, or had the adventurous life that I love so much."