TikTok Is Obsessed With These Beauty Products -- So We Tried Them All

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Move over, YouTube. TikTok has quickly become our go-to social media platform for discovering the latest in beauty.

TikTok users are quick to share truly game-changing beauty products. So when we see an item trending, we can bet that it's a must-try. But are these products loved by TikTok users really worth the hype? There's really only one way to find out. And, if there’s one thing the ET Style team truly loves, it’s trying all the latest products to give you the scoop on which ones are really worth your hard-earned cash. We’ve tried everything from the latest in beauty tech to mattresses.

After giving in to TikTok suggestions of everything from booty-lifting leggings to affordable jeans from Abercrombie and Gap, we decided to test out several beauty products that TikTok raved about to see if they were worth the coin. 

Read on to discover what ET's Senior Style Editor Marisa Runyon thought of these surprisingly affordable, cult-favorite items.  

Hi, I'm Marisa, ET's style expert!

When I'm not breaking down what our favorite celebs are wearing and scouring the internet to find where you can get their looks, you can usually find me scrolling TikTok. It's quickly taken over as my favorite social media platform, and often the place where I discover new beauty products to try. Ahead, check out my reviews of some of TikTok's most viral beauty items. And here's the best part: Each item is priced low enough that they won't break the bank. 

Norvell Venetian Sunless Solution and Beautify Beauties Flairosol Spray Bottle

TikTok Review:

My Review:

As someone who has a bit of natural color, I don't often use self tanner, but this one keeps me coming back. The color of the Norvell Sunless Tanner is rich and natural, and gave me an overall glow. It’s like foundation for your whole body, evening out your skin tone and brightening at the same time. This product is perfect to apply before a vacation, wedding or anytime you’re looking for a healthy glow. 

The one drawback: I struggled a bit with the water mister bottle on my first try. I had to pump it a few times while applying the self tanner, which then forced me to blend a few places by hand. I got better with it the more I used it, so I'm attributing it to user error. The actual mist was incredibly fine, which helped to make the application much smoother than with a lotion or a foam self-tanning product.

TikTok user @sydneyyythekydneyyy swears by this solution for an even, never-orange tan. The guide color helps you to see where you've sprayed already so you'll never be splotchy again. 


With almost 40,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, you'll certainly find more than one use for this viral beauty product. TikTok users swear by the even, continuous spray of this bottle for a flawless self-tan application. Trust us, you'll want to add this to your skincare routine.


L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara 

TikTok Review:

My Review:

After years of being a fashion and beauty editor and trying countless mascaras, I’ve found this one perfectly separates and lengthens without clumping. That's why the L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara has become my go-to. The wand is incredibly effective at applying the product to even the most delicate lashes on the inner corners of your eyes without smudging. It’s also a buildable formula so you can apply multiple coats for added length.

Another tried-and-true drugstore staple to add to your makeup bag ASAP. 


Maybelline New York Tattoo Brow 

TikTok Review:

My Review:

Holy moly was this product fun to use! I have a couple spots in my brows that I typically fill in with pencil or powder, so I used the Maybelline Tattoo Brow like I typically would have used my other brow products. The thick liquid formula was easy to apply and dries down into a sticky gel. The best part is that the longer you leave it on, the longer the tint will last. After trying it and loving the results, I wanted to see what would happen if I kept it on overnight. I gave that a try for round two, and the tint lasted approximately two days. 

Many of those who experimented with this brow gel for the first time on TikTok were skeptical until the satisfying moment when they peel the product off to reveal flawless brows. 


Essence Glimmer Glow Lipstick

TikTok Review:


#duet with @mimiermakeup okay @essence.cosmetics ! This shows up even on dark skin! I love! #viralmakeup#essencecosmetics#lipstick#fypシ

♬ original sound - mirtonjam

My Review:

Overall, this lipstick is not incredibly hydrating, but it really delivered with a subtle pink shade that complemented my complexion nicely. The soft pink shade that it transformed into lasted for hours. My only wish is that it didn’t have the larger pieces of glitter in the formula because they did not apply evenly. But if you love an effortless sparkly lip color, it's worth adding to your cart -- especially at the $4 price point.

With a glittery, glossy base and a red-hued finish, this Essence Glimmer Glow Lipstick has the potential to be your next favorite beauty staple.


Below, check out other products that TikTok users are totally obsessed with:

This exfoliant is so good, there are literally over 71,000 rave reviews about it on Amazon — and TikTok, too.


While this powder foundation goes on smooth like a liquid product, the formula eventually mattifies, leaving a fresh look for 24 hours.


This dewy formula helps to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and leave a glowy, radiant finish on the skin.


Easily cover up the appearance of enlarged pores with this clay-centric primer.


The Internet's new favorite gloss is not only nourishing and refreshing, it's also Billie Eilish-approved.



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