Zendaya and Tom Holland Laugh Over Their 'Spider-Man' Audition Tapes

Sony Pictures shared the video earlier this week, and the actors had a blast watching it.

ZendayaTom Holland and Jacob Batalon got a kick out of watching their Spider-Man: No Way Home auditions, and despite all the laughter throughout, they all noted the film "made a good decision" with their casting.

Sony Pictures shared the video of the auditions earlier this week, and Zendaya, Holland and Batalon got together in a trailer and sat down to watch it together. Then, hilarity ensued. Holland (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), Zendaya (MJ) and Batalon (Ned Leeds) couldn't hold it together when they first got a look at Holland breaking out backflips and busting out Spider-Man's most famous move.

Batalon's audition was cued up next, and the audition was so adorable it prompted Zendaya to comment, "What a cutie." Proving he's "boyfriend goals," Holland said "Yours is really good" when Zendaya's audition tape came up near the end of the session.

In the end, the Euphoria star concluded, "I'd say they made a good decision." Batalon added, "Who would have thought?"

On the backs of Holland and Zendaya, Spider-Man: No Way Home became a monumental success at the box office hauling in nearly $800 million domestically and 1.084 billion internationally. That's $1.879 billion worldwide.

Jared Leto recently told ET's Lauren Zima that he'd love to see Morbius and Spider-Man battle it out on the big screen. 

"I think it's a different take on the Marvel Universe, and it's a brand-new character, so I'm super excited to share that with audiences," he told ET of his role as biochemist-turns-vampire Michael Morbius. 

In the comics, Morbius serves as a villain and antagonist for Spider-Man, so is there a chance fans could see him and Holland on the big screen together?

"I would love to get in the ring with Spider-Man," Leto gushed. "I think Tom Holland is amazing, and we'd make quite a dynamic duo."

Your move, Holland!