Zendaya Supports Boyfriend Tom Holland by Seeing His New Movie 'Uncharted'

The actress' HBO series, 'Euphoria,' was recently renewed for season 3.

Zendaya is all about supporting her man! 

The Euphoria actress took to her Instagram Stories to flaunt her title as boyfriend Tom Holland's biggest fan. The 25-year-old shared a short video on Monday night, showing her ticket stub to see his new movie, Uncharted, in theaters. "Woop woop," she captioned the video. 

Based on the best-selling video game franchise of the same name, the film stars Holland and Mark Wahlberg as adventurer Nathan Drake (Holland) and his partner/mentor, Victor "Sully" Sullivan (Wahlberg). The two face off on a quest for fortune against a villainous treasure hunter (Antonia Banderas).

Zendaya Instagram Story

The movie stars recently sat down to speak with ET, and they opened up about getting the chance to work with one another, and how their instant connection fueled the high-octane action epic.

"I knew when we first met that we'd have a great time should we get the opportunity to work together," Holland said. "And it just so happened that Uncharted was there [for us to do]. It was a very demanding film. We're lucky to have each other as a kind of team to lean on each other."

Holland was also able to call on many of the lessons and skills he learned from playing Spider-Man in six different Marvel films.

"I mean, there are elements about it that are different, but I’ve been very lucky with my stunt team that I work with on Spider-Man, he said. "They have given me an incredible education when it comes to stunts and dealing with wire work and designing sequences to be more effective and also more naturalistic."

"Then again, with Spider-Man, I’ve always been able to wear a mask," Holland continued. "So there are elements where you can disguise certain things and CGI can enhance things here and there. Whereas with Nathan Drake in this film, we really had to push the limits of what we could do practically."

Zendaya's Instagram Story is only the latest in a series of posts by both stars showing support for one another. In real life, the couple remains pretty low-key, but are adorably reactive to each other’s photos on social media. Recently, the Spider-Man star proudly claimed his place as "first" under the Emmy winner's picture of her look from Saturday night’s 53rd Annual NAACP Image Awards

We love to see the encouragement!