2019 Golden Globes Predictions: 10 Nominations We Want to See

Golden Globes 2019, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, Crazy Rich Asians, A Quiet Place
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The HPFA will announce the nominees on Dec. 6 -- will it include any love for 'A Quiet Place,' 'Crazy Rich Asians' or 'Schitt's Creek'?

Close your eyes and roll the dice, it's Golden Globes time!

The Globes -- the first awards show of the season, celebrating both film and television via a billion categories -- is its own ballgame, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association plays by its own rules. Historically, the HFPA gravitates towards the new series on the block and Best Popular Film, which makes predicting who gets nominated wonderfully difficult.

We could spend this time forecasting whether Golden Globe winner Lady Gaga will soon become a two-time Golden Globe winner, but it's far more fun to look at the contenders who might get passed over by your Emmys or your Oscars but could score a nomination here. Until the 2019 Golden Globe nominees are announced on Thursday morning, here are 10 nominations we would love to see...


1. Crazy Rich Asians for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy: Crazy Rich Asian is certainly no longshot. In fact, if it isn't nominated here, expect it to topline our list of Golden Globe snubs. Still, we have our fingers extra tightly crossed that it will get the love it deserves in the Musical or Comedy category, and while we're at it, that a Best Supporting Actress slot is reserved for Michelle Yeoh's fierce turn as the iron matriarch of the Young family. If not her...

2. Natalie Portman for Best Actress in a Drama? Best Actress in a Musical? Best Supporting Actress?: Portman's awards season is starting to get...confusing. She's submitting herself as a supporting actress at the Oscars -- she's only in the latter half of the film -- but that hasn't stopped the HFPA from considering her for Best Actress. If she does go supporting, it's a shame there aren't dual categories for Drama and Musical or Comedy -- especially considering Portman's performance as a dizzy, demented pop star in Vox Lux could slide into either race. (I'd say the movie is technically a drama, but Portman does sing, so.) As memorable as her go-for-broke performance may be, though, the film may be too provocatively bleak for most HFPA voters.

3. Nicholas Hoult for Best Supporting Actor: Remember when Aaron Taylor-Johnson was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Nocturnal Animals? And won? And we were all like, "What?!" That's the sort of curveball that makes the Globes so much fun. While his The Favourite co-stars, Olivia Colman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz, are shoo-ins for nominations, Hoult is also very good in this and I'd be tickled if he managed to wiggle his way in.

4. John Krasinski for Best Screenplay: After Get Out, awards season forecasters have been clamoring to anoint this year's horror film worthy of Oscar consideration and general consensus is that A Quiet Place, Krasinski's ingenious box office hit, is it. The movie still seems like something of an outlier when it comes to the Academy -- who knows, though -- but any early accolades here would give it that momentum. Emily Blunt's Mary Poppins Returns performance will likely overshadow her work in this one, but Krasinski's screenplay shouldn't be overlooked.

5. Ryan Coogler for Best Director: Black Panther, meanwhile, is practically guaranteed Oscar honors -- it's a lock for a Best Picture nomination and Michael B. Jordan ought to nab a Best Supporting Actor nod -- but the big question mark is whether Coogler will be able to crack the Best Director race. Marvel's cultural behemoth should perform well with Globe voters, too, so I'm rooting for him here, hoping that that spotlight would give him some steam moving forward. The race only gets tougher from here.


6. Schitt's Creek for Best Comedy Series: For my money, Schitt's Creek is not only the best comedy on television, but one of the best shows on TV, period. For three seasons, this Canadian import has been overlooked by our best and brightest awards shows, but the HFPA has the chance to right that wrong and recognize its hilarious heartwarming fourth season. Similarly, if Catherine O'Hara isn't nominated for her never-better turn as Moira Rose, it will be a crime against humanity.

7. Homecoming for Best Drama Series: Can Julia Roberts land her first Golden Globe nomination for TV? We're banking on it -- mainly for two reasons: 1) The Globes love stars and 2) She's perfection in Sam Esmail's heart-pounding Amazon series, Homecoming. But one cast member we're crossing our fingers and toes for is the peerless Stephan James, whose stunning turn as Walter Cruz, an Iraq war vet trying to assimilate back into everyday life, is the stuff of gold. If he's snubbed, it will truly be an oversight. But if James doesn't sneak in, we hope the HFPA recognizes Homecoming in the always uber-competitive Best Drama Series category for its technical mastery and twisty storytelling.

8. Richard Madden for Best Actor in a Drama Series: If there was any awards show fit for the Game of Thrones vet to sneak into, it'd be the Globes, partly because its nominations are voted on by a small group of foreign press. Who better to represent U.K.'s most-watched television program in forever than Bodyguard's Richard Madden? The Scottish star is a revelation as David Budd in the magnificent, totally binge-able six-part series (available on Netflix in the U.S.), which eats jaw-dropping twists for breakfast and puts shows like Lost or Twin Peaks to shame.

9. Eliza Scanlen for Best Supporting Actress: The young Australian actress (she's only 19!) was very much the breakout star of HBO's Sharp Objects and she has enoughmomentum to carry her through to take one of the coveted slots in the Best Supporting Actress category for her portrayal of Amy Adams' (a Globes shoo-in in our book) younger half-sister, Amma. What may add a wrinkle to Scanlen's chances is the fact that the Globes combine the TV supporting acting categories into one for both actors and actresses. While we think Scanlen's co-star, Patricia Clarkson, rightly deserves a spot, she may be the lone representative in the category for Sharp Objects. We're Team Eliza and if she manages to slip in, all is right with the world.

10. Jodie Comer for Best Supporting Actress: There was no other TV show buzzier this year than Killing Eve, and we're betting Emmy nominee Sandra Oh is shoo-in for Best Actress in a Drama Series. While Oh rightly got all the attention during Emmy season, we can't forget the perfection that was Jodie Comer as the badass assassin, Villanelle, whom Oh's Eve becomes obsessed with (and vice versa). Plus, we can't forget thatKilling Eve is truly a two-hander between Oh and Comer, and for that, we hope the 25-year-old English actress gets her just due.

Watch the Golden Globe nominations on ET Live starting at 5:30 am PT on Thursday.