'90 Day Fiancé': Angela Gets Devastating News Just Hours After Marrying Michael (Exclusive)

Angela's wedding night takes a heartbreaking turn.

Angela's wedding night takes a heartbreaking turn in this exclusive clip from Sunday's new episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?. Just hours after finally tying the knot with her longtime love, Michael, in Nigeria, Angela gets a shocking call from back home in Georgia.

Angela and Michael have experienced plenty of drama ahead of their wedding, with Angela calling it off multiple times after getting upset at Michael for everything from not wanting to be "submissive" to him to accusing him of staring at a dancer during their joint bachelor and bachelorette party. Angela, 54, has also expressed serious regret over her family -- specifically, her mom, who isn't in good health -- not being able to witness her get married to 31-year-old Michael in Nigeria. Angela only agreed to marry Michael in his home country because it would help their chances of getting him a spousal visa to come to America to be with her, after he was previously denied.

"Me and Michael have some hurdles in our future, but dammit, I just got married," Angela tells cameras after their nuptials. "So tonight, I just want to spend some newlywed time with my husband."

"I just hope Michael is ready for this," she also cracks, telling Michael that she has whipped cream and to "get ready."

But their wedding night is interrupted when just a few hours later, Angela gets a phone call from her daughter, Skyla. Angela said that Skyla told her that her mother was "unresponsive" and an ambulance was called to their house.

A clearly distraught Angela tells cameras, "I won't know no more till Skyla calls me and at this point, I can't get ahold of her, so. I don't know. I don't know."

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In an earlier episode this season, Angela asked her mother for permission to go to Nigeria to marry Michael, and asked her "not to croak" on her while she was out of the country for three weeks. Angela's mom -- a five-time cancer survivor -- gave Angela her blessing, and told cameras that it wouldn't matter anyway given that her daughter is going to do what she wants. Angela later broke down in tears while talking about her mother to TLC cameras, noting that her mother gave her her blessing even if getting married in Nigeria means she won't get to witness it, because she always puts her first. She said that while the two have had their ups and downs, she was proud to be her mother's daughter.

Meanwhile, ET spoke with Angela in June, when she reflected on her 4-season 90 Day Fiancé journey with Michael.

"Getting rid of him is not easy," she joked. "Because that's real love, you know? Let's face it, being on the show four times, he could've moved on a while back. I've learned that he really truly does love me."

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