'90 Day Fiance': Anna and Mursel Are Back Together But Her Eldest Son Isn't Having It

Anna and Mursel from '90 Day Fiance'

It turns out the tearful airport goodbye between Anna and Mursel wasn't the end for the couple on '90 Day Fiance.'

It turns out the tearful airport goodbye between Anna and Mursel wasn't the end for the couple on 90 Day Fiance.

Previously, Mursel went back to his home country of Turkey because his parents didn't approve of him marrying Anna when he finally told them that she has three sons from a previous relationship -- and it appeared to be the end of the couple given that Anna noted he couldn't come back to Nebraska because of the stipulations of the K-1 visa -- but on Sunday's new episode of the hit TLC show, Mursel said his parents ended up changing their minds. Mursel said he believed the change of heart was due to his mother, who felt sorry for him. Mursel insisted that he still loves Anna, and amazingly, his same K-1 visa was approved and he was headed back to the United States.

Meanwhile, Anna says she also still loves Mursel, but is now stressed given that when he lands in America, the couple only has six hours to marry before his visa runs out. She is also concerned about how her sons will act given the fact that he left them.

Not surprisingly, Anna's eldest child, teenager Joey, is against the reconciliation. While her two younger sons, Gino and Leo, said they were OK with the wedding being back on, Joey said he didn't even want to attend. He also told TLC cameras that he felt like his mother was making a mistake and didn't like the way Mursel treated her at times.

Anna told Joey that she "still loves" Mursel and asked that he attend to be supportive of her, even though he wasn't a fan of Mursel's. Still, Joey did not appear to be moved. During a preview of next week's episode, Anna and Mursel race to the altar as they're in danger of their 90 days running out.

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