'90 Day Fiance': Anna Begs Mursel Not to Go Back to Turkey in Heartbreaking Airport Goodbye

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Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiance featured what appears to be a devastating end to Anna and Mursel's relationship.

Mursel -- who moved from Turkey to Nebraska to be with Anna after they connected on Facebook over both being beekeepers -- continued to deal with the fallout of him finally telling his parents that Anna has three sons from a previous relationship, which he had been keeping a secret all season long. Because of Mursel's parents' strict faith, they told him to immediately come back to Turkey. Mursel, 38, decided to go back to Turkey, explaining that he is his parents' only son and must obey them.

During Sunday's episode, Mursel admitted he was choosing his mother over 38-year-old Anna but is definitely conflicted, and said he felt "guilty." While at first Anna gave Mursel tough love -- rebuffing his hugs and sending him to stay at a hotel while he made arrangements to go back to his home country -- she surprised him by eventually showing up at his hotel to take him to the airport. Anna tearfully noted that if he goes back to Turkey, their relationship is over given that he will not be allowed to come back to the U.S. under the terms of the K-1 visa, and she will not go to Turkey and leave her children.

Once at the airport, Anna tearfully begged Mursel one last time to "please, don't go." While Mursel kept turning back to look at her before he boarded his flight -- and at one point, called her name back, leading her to think he changed his mind at the last minute -- ultimately, he decided to go back to Turkey. Mursel does admit to deep regrets when speaking to TLC cameras, noting that he never would have come to the U.S. if he knew this was how it was going to end, and that he wish he told his parents sooner about Anna's children.

Meanwhile, Anna is clearly heartbroken and tells TLC cameras that she doesn't know if she will recover from the end of their relationship.

For more on this season of 90 Day Fiance, watch the video below:


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